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“Dissplace” project: (Disability sport and leisure placements).

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The “DISSPLACE” project was set up and run in the South West in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Local Education Authority areas. The project aimed to provide a variety of work placements within the sport and leisure industry for young disabled people, aged 14 – 18 years of age, in the area.

The overall project aim was fairly simple, but presented some exciting and interesting challenges in terms of being able deliver a successful project given the overall context, specific needs and specialist environment the project was aiming to work in. The main outcome of the project was to identify and develop models to support the roll out of the work across the country through the mainstream work of key organisations

The project was funded through the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) SEN small programmes fund for 2003 – 04. The original timescale for the project was from April 2003 – March 2004, however as a result of a number of factors this was adjusted to allow the project to run through until the end of July 2004.



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Editor's comments - [  This project was coordinated by the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) through their Regional Development Manager in the South West, and overseen by the National Manager. Sport First Ltd, a sports management and development consultancy company, were appointed to manage and deliver the project.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : EFDS. (2004). “Dissplace” project: (Disability sport and leisure placements). Bristol: Sport First Ltd.


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Download this file (DISSPLACE_PROJECT_REPORT_AUG_04.pdf)DISSPLACE_PROJECT_REPORT_AUG_04.pdfEFDS. (2004). “Dissplace” project: (Disability sport and leisure placements). Bristol: Sport First Ltd.
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