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Towards a better future for youth sport

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The people of the UK are failing to get the sporting opportunities they deserve because sporting policies are disjointed. They tend to focus on niche areas for political gain rather than creating policies that give everyone access to sport. This is reflected in low overall participation rates and high drop off rates with nearly a third of people leaving sport at the school gates. A nation of increasingly inactive youngsters leaves the stark prediction that two thirds of children will be either obese or overweight by 2050.

The failure to produce a holistic, longitudinal and indeed successful sports policy has resulted in a lack of opportunity and provision. A disjointed structure and a lack of committal funding neglects the many benefits that sport has to bring to the wider community particularly in health, education and crime. Sport may not be the cure for Britain’s social ills, but it may well be part of it and is proven to engage disaffected youngsters.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  This document is by They claim that " is the UK's leading independent research organisation devoted solely to developing new ideas and extending the boundaries of debate in the world of sport." [we most certainly do not endorse this claim

This document is an attempt at a "state of sport" review and whilst some of the content is useful it is not definitive. On the face of it much of what is written is intuitively sensible yet as a piece of "research" it lacks rigour and is loaded with opinion. 

We advise caution when using this work; it is however a gift for lecturers, questions set based on opinions stated in this document are easily critiqued by students at 2nd & 3rd year, and when stripped of the value laden rhetoric it also provides a starting point for a "map of sport" module at foundation and/or 1st year. See also Raising the bar (2005) ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL> In the text: Cryer (year)


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Reference : MacDougal, J. (2008). Towards a better future for youth sport. London: Sportsthinktank


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