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CCPR red book for sport and recreation

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In its “Challenge to the Next Government”, launched in November 2004, the CCPR called for the Chancellor to double Exchequer funding for sport and recreation.

This Red Book adds weight to that call by demonstrating, in detail, how the National Governing Bodies, clubs and volunteers add value to the British economy. Many CCPR member organisations and their clubs receive no direct public funding and yet
deliver huge benefits to the public purse and community life. CCPR believes this imbalance should be addressed.

The ‘Red Book’ highlights how CCPR member organisations perform in key government policy areas such as promoting health, developing sustainable communities and increasing social inclusion. It outlines the positive role played by volunteers and sports governing bodies, from promoting activity with the elderly, through to the ambassadorial role played by UK governing bodies in international sports federations.

The CCPR Red Book does not provide a detailed financial breakdown of the activities undertaken by National Governing Bodies: it is practically impossible to attach a precise monetary value to their work.

Such activities nonetheless contribute to the wider wealth - and health - of the nation through their focus on volunteering and active citizenship.

In the Red Book, the lead government departments are listed, together with a key policy challenge which they each face. Below this are examples of CCPR’s members’ activities and how they help deliver some of the resources to tackle the policy challenges faced by government.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  The CCPR [now the SRA] performed a similar function for NGBs as the Cabinet Office does for government departments. CCPR is central to strategic planning for the sport and recreation sector and is a source of valuable information for the government. Since 2000, CCPR has submitted over 100+ consultation responses, select committee briefings and guidance documents to government departments and Ministers.The CCPR were the commissioners of the Wolfenden Report in 1960. The SRA appear to have a diminishing influence over sport policy in recent years (2008 - 2012).  ]  Reference this?CCPR. (2004). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from In the text: CCPR (2004)


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Reference :   CCPR.(2004). CCPR red book for sport and recreation. London:CCPR


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