Football: An all consuming passion?.

Tuesday, 05 September 2006 00:00 Crabbe, T Football

 Our conception of a truly dedicated fan is easily associated with those who demonstrate an undeniable element of excess.

What our research suggests though is that the passion for football in England is better understood in terms of its banality.

easportsWhilst periodically presenting spectacular displays of intense emotion, for the most part football has become a kind of backdrop to the world: not necessarily so fundamental to each individual’s consciousness that they would be unable to function without it, but part of the tapestry that structures our day-to-day reality. At times it is ‘in our face’ and seems to be the most important thing in the world, but most of the time it is just ‘there’; a kind of quasi-spiritual presence as well as a currency with which we trade. The value of that currency is not based on individual displays of commitment, but on a collective interest in the game which extends far beyond the performative arena of the stadium.



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