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Football : Commercial issues

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This is the fourth and final report of the Football Task Force, this one focussed on commercial issues in the sport. The Task force was set up by Government in July 1997, chaired by Rt. Hon David Mellor. PC. QC.

The Government appointed representatives of various bodies to the Task Force. The Football Association, the FA Premier League, the Football League, the Professional Footballers’ Association, the Football Trust, the League Managers’ Association, the Association of Premier League and Football League Match Officials, the Football Supporters Association, the National Federation of Football Supporters Clubs and the National Association of Disabled Supporters, Sport England, the Commission for Racial Equality and the Local Government Association, are all represented. There are also a number of individuals.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [ The Government asked the Task Force to investigate and recommend measures to help:

  • Eliminate racism in football and encourage wider participation by ethnic minorities, both in playing and spectating;
  • Improve disabled access to spectating facilities;
  • Develop the opportunities for players to act as good role models in terms of behaviour and sportsmanship, and to become actively involved in community schemes;
  • Encourage greater supporter involvement in the running of clubs;
  • Encourage ticketing and pricing policies that are geared to reflect the needs of all, on an equitable basis, including for cup and international matches;
  • Encourage merchandising policies that reflect the needs of supporters as well as commercial considerations;
  • Reconcile the potential conflict between the legitimate needs of shareholders, players and supporters where clubs are floated on the Stock Exchange.

The governments response to this document is also attached.

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APA reference for this document


Reference : Football Task Force. (1999). Football : Commercial issues. A submission by the football task force to the minister of sport. London: Football Task Force

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Download this file (footballcommercial99.pdf)footballcommercial99.pdfFootball Task Force. (1999). Football : Commercial issues. A submission by the football task force to the minister of sport. London: Football Task Force
Download this file (footcomresponse.pdf)footcomresponse.pdfThe governments response
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