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The Carter Report

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In July last year [2004] you asked me to gather a team to examine how to ‘ensure far better co-ordination of effort and resources in sport’ and to explore the ‘proposal to involve private and public sectors together in a new National Sports Foundation’ with a view to the possible extension of funding for sport. We are pleased to present the final report of the review.......

At the operational level, private sector providers are keen to maintain and expand their current investment, as long as they are not penalised by local planning guidelines or a lack of transparency in contract tendering. Together with the re-establishment of a voice for sport at local government level (through the CPA culture block), this private sector investment could help to renew and refinance the current ageing and heavily subsidised facilities to ensure equality of access and participation across the country.
We have, therefore, identified five key areas for consideration and recommend that over the next three years (to March 2008) they inform the priorities of the sports sector.

1.To introduce robust measurement and monitoring systems that inform Government investment at local level and ensure clear lines of accountability

2.To promote the personal benefits of sport and physical activity and to help people identify their local delivery points

3.To improve the local delivery of sport and suggest the Government considers how it can support the co-ordination of public, private and voluntary sector investment –as well as LAs and regional bodies –in order to improve local sporting facilities

4.To create, under strong Government leadership, a single access point and brand for sport in England and to streamline duplicating ‘back office’ functions that would release more money for front line activity

5.To provide targeted incentives and commercial assistance –via a new National Sports Foundation (NSF) –to encourage individual and corporate support and to ‘help sport help itself’



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  Commonly known as the Carter report - Sir Patrick Carter [Lord Carter of Coles] was the Chair of Sport England in 2005, this report was written just prior to the awarding of the Olympic Games - 2012 to London and it was addressed from Sport England to the Government.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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