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Sport in the nineties:New horizons

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Sport in the United Kingdom is at a crossroads.

In October 1993, if the Government's current plans come to fruition, the present Sports Council will be replaced by two new bodies, a United Kingdom Sports Commission (UKSC) and a separate Sports Council for England (SCE), to stand alongside the existing Sports Councils for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. [The bodies in 1997 were UK Sport & the English Sports Council ( branded Sport England) ]

The details of the changes and their rationale have been fully discussed elsewhere, most notably in the Government's review Sport and active recreation' published in December 1991 by the Department of Education and Science. It is vital, however, if old mistakes are not to be repeated, that this restructuring of sport in the United Kingdom should be regarded as a new beginning.

But new beginnings — and this one is no exception — have roots in the past. They cannot afford to ignore what has gone on before, and that is what makes this document so important.

Before the Government's review was published the Sports Council was already well on the road to formulating a third strategy document, following in the sequence of Sport in the community — The next ten years, published in 1982, and Sport in the community — Into the 90s, published as a mid-term review in 1988. The new document was planned to cover the years 1993 to 1997. It was, however, to be very different in form from its precursors. It would no longer set out detailed policies, programmes and priorities, for these are now the province of the Council's corporate plan — produced annually, but setting the broad thrusts of Council expenditure for the ensuing four years in the light of government expenditure indications.

The new strategy was intended to have a different approach. It would, as previously, review the social, economic and political context of sport and the changing nature of sport itself, but would then set out a vision for the future of sport as a whole and detail the role of the Council in seeking to realise that vision. It was to point directions and, in no sense, set out a detailed plan.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  Publication of the reorganisation for the then UK wide Sports Council (GB) proposals posed a dilemma for the sports council. Should the strategic work already undertaken and the policy thrusts already agreed by the Council be quietly abandoned? Should any policy thinking await not only the establishment of the two new bodies, but the inevitable settling in period which would follow? Established in 1966 as advisory, then by Royal Charter in 1972 (along with similar organisations in Scotland and Wales - Northern Ireland in 1974), The Sports Council were lead in 'GB' wide sport and English sport; arms-length from government (or not) the Sports Council GB faced changes which would mean a rebranding to 'The English Sports Council' (Sport England) and their GB wide remit partially taken over by a new Organisation 'UK Sport' in 1997. These changes, particularly when they happened in 1997, would change the sports council significantly.

Sports Council (GB) from [prior] 1972 until this time (and these documents are some testament) took on the mantle of research and intelligence in sport to advise government; these documents are an example of the good research work that the Sports Council did.   ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (2012). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from In the text: Cryer (2012)


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Reference :  Sports Council. (1993). Sport in the nineties:New horizons. London: Sports Council (GB)


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Download this file (bmevision.pdf)bmevision.pdfSports Council. (1994) Black and ethnic minorities and sport: Policy and objectives. London: Sports Council (GB)
Download this file (visiondisability1994.pdf)visiondisability1994.pdfSports Council. (1994) People with disabilities and sport: Policy and current /planned objectives. London: Sports Council (GB)
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