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Driving up participation: The challenge for sport

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In the early part of 2003 when the idea for this academic seminar started to first take shape Sport England had already picked up the gauntlet posed in Game Plan, the joint Strategy Unit and DCMS report to start modernising its own organisation and to take a strategic lead for sport in England. We had already commissioned The Henley Centre to help us to engage the key stakeholders in sport in the development of a new Framework for Sport in England that would create a common sense of purpose and strategic direction for sport. But it was becoming increasingly clear that we must involve in a more direct and focused way the strong academic community we have in England.

The idea to gather together in one room a select group of eminent academics from across the United Kingdom alongside some of the most influential policy makers in sport to challenge our thinking and help us shape our strategic approach was considered by some to be a risky venture. The outcome, as represented in the collection of papers included in this publication has, however, fully vindicated the wisdom of that decision.



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Editor's comments - [  The papers included in this report are;

In the text: Cryer (year)


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Download this file (driving_up_participation_full_review.pdf)driving_up_participation_full_review.pdfRowe, N. (ed) (2004) Driving up participation: The challenge for sport. London: Sport England.
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