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European Sports Development Network: Symposium presentations 2012

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After the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games this September, attention will turn to the future and policy directions of sport and physical activity.

Evidence from previous Games suggests that most host nations have experienced significant reductions in government funding and political support for sport.

Figures suggest that promises the London 2012 bid team made about inspiring a generation of young people to choose sport will be only partially fulfilled. How will the Government respond to this? And what support will the Government give to sport and physical activity after the Games?

This challenging policy environment provides both opportunities and threats for sport and physical activity professionals.

The aims of this event were to;

  • To bring academics and industry professionals together to address the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for sport and physical activity in the UK.
  • To learn from existing academic and sport and physical activity sector collaborations, stimulating knowledge transfer and improvements in professional practice.
  • To provide a catalyst for further collaborations between academics and industry professionals.
  • To identify specific breakthrough actions which deliver sustainable improvements and positive change.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  The ESDN was founded in October 2008 in an attempt to bring practitioners and academics, alongside policy makers in sports development closer together through a collaborative network of individuals and institutions. The ESDN is linked to the PE and Sports Development (PESD) research unit at Nottingham Trent University, England.

We provide here copies of presentations made in the event at Sheffield Hallam University on September 5th 2012, some of course are better than others........  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (2012). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from In the text: Cryer (2012)


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Reference :   ESDN (2012). European Sports Development Network: Symposium presentations 2012. Sheffield: ESDN


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Download this file (BarrieHoulihan.pdf)BarrieHoulihan.pdfBeyond 2012: What next for sport and physical activity?
Download this file (WilliamBird.pdf)WilliamBird.pdfMaking the case for sport in health
Download this file (SeanHolt.pdf)SeanHolt.pdfWhat will be the legacy of 2012 and beyond?
Download this file (LeeMason.pdf)LeeMason.pdfInspired people: the real legacy of London 2012
Download this file (JohnDaniels.pdf)JohnDaniels.pdfAn approach for evaluating a community sport and physical activity strategy in South Cheshire
Download this file (CaronWalpole.pdf)CaronWalpole.pdfThe Cooperative Street Games Young Volunteer Programme – from participant to young volunteer
Download this file (KevinHarris.pdf)KevinHarris.pdfTo what extent can higher education orientated coaching innovation programmes contribute evidence for sport and social change?
Download this file (AliKaratas.pdf)AliKaratas.pdfDevelopment of youth through connection: sports in the community
Download this file (PeterMurphy.pdf)PeterMurphy.pdfSport, physical activity and the establishment of Health and Wellbeing Boards in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
Download this file (NeilKing.pdf)NeilKing.pdfMaking the case for sport and recreation services: the value of social return on investment
Download this file (CerisAnderson.pdf)CerisAnderson.pdfDoorstep Sports Clubs – Street Games findings
Download this file (MickTotten.pdf)MickTotten.pdfFootball, community and empowerment: A case study of the fans of Sank Pauli
Download this file (Crowley-Keohane.pdf)Crowley-Keohane.pdfEvaluation of US girls: young women aged 16 to 25 years in 60 areas of high deprivation
Download this file (StewartLucas.pdf)StewartLucas.pdfLondon Interactive, A strategic approach to the promotion of sport for people with disabilities
Download this file (ChrisMackintosh.pdf)ChrisMackintosh.pdfAn evaluation of outdoor table tennis initiatives in England – National Governing Body and University collaboration
Download this file (NickRobb.pdf)NickRobb.pdfProgramme design to develop and enhance undergraduate experience and knowledge of coaching and delivering physical activity by placing the students in working situations
Download this file (Shirfield-Elliot.pdf)Shirfield-Elliot.pdfPhysical Activity and Sport Enterprise (PhASE) student enterprise at the University of Gloucestershire
Download this file (MartynAllison.pdf)MartynAllison.pdfSustaining the legacy - the challenge of inertia, the need for leadership and the role of CIMSPA (PDF 124KB)
Download this file (Darko-Wilkins.pdf)Darko-Wilkins.pdfA social and health legacy of the 2012 Olympics: A qualitative study of community sport and physical activity in the East Midlands
Download this file (Grix-Nichols-Ferguson.pdf)Grix-Nichols-Ferguson.pdfInterim evaluation findings of volunteering within the Sportmakers programme
Download this file (SarahClarke.pdf)SarahClarke.pdfPartnership working and collaboration to promote physical activity across the county of Lincolnshire
Download this file (JohnByrne.pdf)JohnByrne.pdfLeicestershire commissioning of sport and physical activity
Download this file (AndySmith.pdf)AndySmith.pdfYouth sport and evidence-based policy in England: The case of School Sport Partnerships and School Games
Download this file (SteveWood.pdf)SteveWood.pdfInterim findings of the English Cricket Board / County Cricket Board Capacity Building Improvement Project
Download this file (StewartLucas2.pdf)StewartLucas2.pdfA strategic approach to the promotion of disability sport in London
Download this file (Jerwood-Howard-Roscoe.pdf)Jerwood-Howard-Roscoe.pdfBe Active partnership between Birmingham City Council and the NHS – tackling health inequalities
Download this file (ZoeRutherford.pdf)ZoeRutherford.pdfWorking in partnership: 'Motivate', a 12 week weight management intervention aimed at obese men over 40 years
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