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Splash 2002 : Final report

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The ‘Splash programme’ consisted of locally run holiday schemes based in high crime estates in England and Wales, and was first run in the summer of 2000 as part of the government’s crime prevention strategy. The aim of this programme is to engage the young people in constructive activities over holiday periods and thus reduce levels of crime and incidents most commonly associated with youth offending, like domestic burglary, motor crime, criminal damage, drug offences and juvenile nuisance.

The Splash programme of 2002 consisted of 4 distinct programmes that ran during the February, Easter, Whitsun and Summer holiday periods.
The Splash 2000 and 2001 was repeated in 2002, with 113 schemes running in February, 131 in Easter, 110 in the Whitsun holidays and 73 during the Summer programme. In 2003 it was replaced with the “positive activities for young people” programme.

In addition, in 2002 Summer Splash was run in parallel with the Splash Extra programme, a major innovation based on the traditional Splash delivery model, but with extended provision for 9-12 year olds. 59 existing Splash schemes were upgraded to Splash Extra in the Summer, leaving 73 schemes to run according to the traditional Splash agenda. This report does not evaluate the 59 upgraded schemes, which are covered by the Splash Extra programme report.



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Reference : Splash national support team. (2002). Splash 2002 : Final report. London: Cap, Gemini, Ernst & Young plc.

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Download this file (Splash2002EvaluationReport.pdf)Splash2002EvaluationReport.pdfSplash national support team. (2002). Splash 2002 : Final report. London: Cap, Gemini, Ernst & Young plc.
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