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Sport and community safety: Case studies

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Participation in structured sporting activities by young people can help increase community safety.
Different schemes divert young people from crime and anti-social behaviour by: targeting local 'hotspots' with attractive and positive activities for young people; providing 'protection factors' for young people so that they can better resist pressures to take part in harmful or anti-social behaviour; increasing young people's self-esteem and organisational and social skills; providing positive role models for the young people through the coaches and local organisers leading the activities; and decreasing the perception and fear of crime and anti-social behaviour amongst the community.”


Sport and youth offending Overview along with an overview of sport and community safety

Case studies;

Streetgames London
Airtime mobile skate park
SPLASH Wiltshire
Three Estates Young Volunteers project
Safer Communities through Sport project
Thames Valley Gateway Youth Football
Edgwick Sports project



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