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Charitable status and sport

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This guidance is concerned with the Commission’s recent decision to recognise as charitable the promotion of community participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities for playing particular sports. (By ‘facilities’ we mean not just land, buildings and equipment, but also the organising of sporting activity.) The guidance is aimed especially at what are sometimes called community amateur sports clubs (CASCs).

The Commission has also recognised as charitable “the advancement of the physical education of young people not undergoing formal education”. This is simply an extension of the existing position that the physical education of young people in formal education is charitable. This guidance does not deal specifically with that new charitable purpose.

Throughout this guidance we have given examples of particular sports. For example, we have given examples of sports which may have difficulty meeting the ‘healthy recreation’ criterion, or which may be regarded as dangerous or expensive. In all cases, the examples given are illustrative only. We will reconsider our view of that sport if evidence, from an individual club or the sport’s governing body, perhaps, were provided to support a different view. In any case, a club concerned with one of those sports may still be able to register as a charity. A club providing facilities for a sport that does not meet the healthy recreation criterion, for example, may be charitable on the basis that it provides recreational facilities for elderly or disabled people or educates the young.



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