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Active Communities is a ‘framework’ comprising services, products and sources of funding provided by Sport England, often in partnership with other organisations and agencies, to assist individuals and organisations to create their own Active Communities.

The framework is organised under five core headings, which reflect the most important issues leading to the development of an Active Community:


Active Communities brings together the first two stated aims of Sport England’s mission statement – to provide opportunities for more people to take part in sport, and to provide more places for people to play sport in their communities.

The third aim, to improve standards of performance to help English players win more medals, relies on the successful development of sport in our communities. Active Communities is the vital starting point for an involvement in sport at all levels, and its aim reflects this:
‘To increase and sustain lifelong participation in sport and recreation, and to promote continuous improvement in the delivery of sporting opportunities and services at a local level for all the community.’


Active Communities projects are interventions aimed at increasing sporting opportunities for priority target groups within the population (Black and other ethnic minority groups, women and girls, people with a disability and people on low incomes) that historically have relatively low levels of participation in sport.


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