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Sports volunteering in England

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How often have we heard the phrase ‘volunteering is the lifeblood of English sport’? This research, commissioned by Sport England and carried out by the Leisure Industries Research Centre, provides the hard evidence to support this contention. It demonstrates the breadth and depth of support given by people across the country, who provide freely of their time and who rarely look for any reward beyond the personal satisfaction they get from the opportunities they provide for others to participate and achieve in sport.

Voluntary contribution to sport is of such a scale that when quantified it outstrips all other voluntary activity and dwarfs the amount of paid employment in sport. The research suggests, however, that we take this voluntary support for granted at our peril. Sport is dependent on volunteers but there are increasing pressures within society that threaten the sustainability of volunteering at the levels we currently enjoy.

Despite its scale and importance, volunteering in sport has not received the recognition and support from Government it deserves. It is the ‘poor relation’ of the voluntary sector and yet the benefit it brings both to those volunteering and to those who take part with their support should not be underestimated. Sport and active recreation with a revitalised voluntary sector can make increasingly vital contributions to the health of the nation, community regeneration and cohesion, community safety and educational attainment.



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Editor's comments - [  The evidence provided by this research, according to the foreword in this document, makes the case loud and clear for volunteering in sport to be taken more seriously. The outcomes reinforceSport England’s continuing commitment towards raising the profile of volunteering and working with Government and others to provide the kind of support it needs to help it flourish. Take the volunteers out of sport and we effectively take the sport out of England they say.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : LIRC. (2002) Sports volunteering in England. London: Sport England


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