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Get Hooked on Fishing, Angling and Youth Inclusion.

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 Angling has one of the highest levels of participation of any ‘ sport’ or leisure activity in the UK, with nearly 4 million participants. Participation of females and BME populations is however very low. Bodies such as the Environment Agency are making significant efforts to increase participation of all groups, with priorities in these areas.

GettingHooked2Angling is an activity which can generate both long term engagement, with many committing to the sport ‘for life’ and one which can lead to many other areas of interest and skill development. It is also an activity which can be very attractive to young people although some traditional ‘routes’ to participation have declined (such as familial).

Angling offers considerable potential as a diversionary and developmental activity for young people. However, it is one which, until recently, has received little attention from policy makers, government departments or social agencies and it has been to date largely excluded from debates around the sport and social inclusion agendas.

Angling has an extremely large literature, yet unlike other high participation leisure activities, there is very little academic or social science research literature.
Part of the reason for this ‘exclusion’/omission is because of its lack of status as a ‘sport’ and because it is one which, until recently, has been poorly represented within policy circles at a national level. This is now being addressed by the creation of a ‘Whole Sport Plan’ by the Joint Angling Development Bodies; and through the promotion of the benefits of fishing by the EA and other organisations.



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Editor's comments - [  Recreational fishing is an activity which, if delivered properly in a developmental approach, can offer something new and ‘different’ as an engagement activity to other, more mainstream sports. Another good substance research project.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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