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Sport, physical activity and renewal: Case studies

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Increasing levels of participation in appropriate sport and physical activity can contribute to improved health, lower worklessness, less crime, increased skills, stronger community identity and community cohesion.

However sports facilities that meet local needs are not available in many deprived neighbourhoods and most of the population do not participate.
Encouraging people to participate in sport and physical activity regularly and to lead more active lives takes time and resources. Sport and physical activity projects that seek to contribute to neighbourhood renewal need to be clear and selective about the outcomes they are seeking to achieve.

Appropriate performance measures and systems need to be put in to place to enable the outcomes to be demonstrated.”

Sport, Physical Activity and Renewal Overview -
Case studies;
Swale Sports Bus Club
Exercise for health
Partnership for Active Leisure Scheme (PALS)
Shape Up Community Health and Fitness Project
Hartlepool School Sport Co-ordinators Partnership
Village Learning Store, Derby
Horizons Sailing Project, Plymouth



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