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A Sporting Future for All

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Published in 2000, A Sporting Future for All, sets out New Labour’s (2000) vision for sport including; sport in education, sport in the community, sporting excellence, “modernisation” of sporting organisations, in the Prime ministers foreword he tells us.....

For all of us who take up sport, a good start in the early years is important. The young person hitting the ball against the wall for hours may be honing skills which could take her to Wimbledon, or just to a Saturday morning game with friends. Either way, we are much more likely to get the pleasure and the benefit of sport, and to keep the habit as we grow older, if we develop it early.

sfaIt is in school where most of us get our first chance to try sport. It is here that children discover their talent and their potential. They need the chance to try a variety of sports, to see which they enjoy most. They need high quality teaching of basic skills. They need opportunities to compete at a level in line with where their ability has developed. They need clear pathways into taking part at club and national levels, with the right coaching and the right support at every stage.

The Government does not and should not run sport. Sport is for individuals, striving to succeed - either on their own, or in teams. However those individuals, together or alone, need the help of others - to provide the facilities, the equipment, the opportunities. So there is a key role to play for those who organise and manage sport - local authorities, sports clubs, governing bodies, the Sports Councils and the Government.

We set out here our plans to create sporting opportunities for all - to create pathways of success for those who have the talent and the desire to rise to the top.We put forward plans to help schools provide more and better sporting opportunities for our children, and to encourage people to carry on taking part in sport beyond the school years.We want to see the organisations involved in sport working together to make our vision for sport happen. So we set out here plans to increase clarity about their roles, to improve co-ordination and to increase the professionalism of sports management. Only if we modernise the way sport is run will we be able to create the wider participation and greater achievement which are our aims.

We need to see new thinking and new action about ways to improve sport in our country.We want to see everyone given a better sporting future. So that the practicalities of sport can match the potential of sport. So that the power of sport can be available to all. And so that the passion of sport can continue to move us and engage us and be part of our lives. Sport matters.......


 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  Best descibed as an initial statement of intent, the document is seated in New Labour’s wider social policy agenda of developing education, community development and the modernisation of government and non government organisations that are supported financially by the exchequor. This document was considered by the English sports summit and action planned in print by the Government’s Plan for Sport in 2001, an action plan for implementation of the government’s developing sports policy agenda. It was replaced by Game Plan in 2002. ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : DCMS. (2000). A sporting future for all. London: DCMS


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