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Tuesday, 03 September 1991 00:00 DoES Sport and Government Policy

In 1990 the Government initiated a wide-ranging consultation involving sporting bodies, local authorities and interested individuals to help it in preparing a statement of its policies and priorities for sport. The resulting statement focuses largely on England and Wales, though where appropriate it covers UK issues. It sets out clearly and comprehensively the Government's aims and objectives. It also sets out the role of public authorities in helping to achieve these objectives and the key contribution which the private sector can make in providing and running sports facilities and in sponsoring sports events. To assist in the latter the Government proposes to fund a business sponsorship incentive scheme for sport similar to that run for the arts and targeted at the grass roots level. This will be a valuable complement to over £70m a year now available for sport from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts and from the Football Trust.

This review of sports policy has highlighted the need for reform in the present structure of the Sports Councils, which advise Government and distribute funds on its behalf. It is important that they are organised in the most effective way and the Government proposes to replace the present GB Sports Council with a UK Sports Commission and a Sports Council for England.

The Government has already signalled the importance it attaches to sport for young people through its proposals to make PE compulsory for pupils aged 5-16. This statement emphasises that the vital foundations laid down in schools need to be strengthened by increasing the sporting opportunities open to young people through partnerships at local level between schools, colleges, local sports clubs and other local organisations. The statement proposes a number of ways in which this can be achieved.

It also emphasises the need to encourage participation in sport and active recreation; and to promote higher standards of performance and excellence both at home and in international competitions.



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Editor's comments - [  The [1991] Government's review of sports policy was primarily concerned with sport and active recreation in England and Wales. However, it examined certain UK issues. The implications of this statement for Scotland and Northern Ireland lie mainly in proposals for restructuring the GB Sports Council (usually referred to as the Sports Council). In preparing the statement the Department of Education and Science was informed and assisted by the submissions from the GB Sports Council, home country Sports Councils and a range of other organisations. The Sports Council would be restructured in 1997, to become The English Sports Council (Sport England) and UK Sport, a separate body.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (2013). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from In the text: Cryer (2013)


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