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Sport and active recreation provision in the inner cities: Report of the minister for sport's review group 1988/89

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It is widely recognised that sport and recreation have an important role to play in improving the quality of life for people living in inner city areas. That is why in March last year I launched this Review as part of the Government's overall policy to give added priority and impetus to assisting the regeneration of inner city social, economic and environmental life.

In setting up this Review, I considered it particularly important to bring together a group of people who could represent as wide a field of interests as possible. Consequently, the Review Group members were drawn from business, sports administration and leading competitors. Their task was to undertake a detailed study of existing sport and recreation provision in inner cities and to consider how co-ordination between interested agencies might be improved and how a more effective use of financial resources might be achieved. During the course of their extensive work over the last twenty months, the Review Group has held regular meetings, has received presentations from a wide range of organisations, and has visited inner city areas throughout the country.

Many people have a bleak view of our inner cities. However, in respect of sport and recreation, it is clear from the work and visits which the Review Group have undertaken that the position is more encouraging than some would lead us to believe. Indeed, a great deal of good work has been and continues to be carried out by many agencies, especially those in the public and voluntary sectors, to promote and develop sport and recreation opportunities. It is imperative that we build on this. As the report makes clear, the priority is to make better use of existing resources to meet the needs of inner city communities and to tap, nurture and develop the potential within communities to establish and run their own schemes and projects.

The Review members have proved to be a professional, conscientious and constructive group. I am most grateful for all the time and hard work which they have devoted to this report. I firmly believe that they have produced an impressive document, which I am confident will play an important part in influencing future thinking on the provision of sport and recreation opportunities in inner cities. I should emphasise that the members of the Review Group were given every opportunity to draw their own independent conclusions and in some cases their recommendations do not reflect Government policy. I and my Ministerial colleagues will be giving careful consideration to appropriate follow-up action.

Colin Moynihan: Minister for Sport: 1989



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  This Review was established to consider whether equality of opportunity and investment was a reality for people living in inner city areas, areas which house some of the less well-off members of our community. This report looks in detail at the role of sport and recreation in inner cities, the needs of the communities living there, the performance of the providers in meeting those needs and the financing of provision.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (2013). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from In the text: Cryer (2013)


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Reference :   DoE. (1989). Sport and active recreation provision in the inner cities: Report of the minister for sport's review group 1988/89. London: Dept. of the Environment


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