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Government’s plan for sport review 2003

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This 2003 review serves as the second update of the Governments plan for sport ,the action plan based on A Sporting future for all.

Following on from the 2002 annual report this 2003 version includes reflections on the role of further and higher education and the report of the coaching task force and Game Plan: a strategy for delivering the governments sport and physical activity objectives.




 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  Sections include progress reports on; summary of progress on the Government's plan for sport (2001) (see summary below)

Sport in education
Sport in the community
National governing bodies and the world class programme

Development of 3,000 school based sports facilities; PE, School Sport and Club Links strategy with 8 work strands; joint DfES/DCMS PSA target to deliver a minimum of 2 hours a week of high quality PE and school sport within and beyond the curriculum to 75% of 5-16 year olds by 2006; SR2002 settlement of 459 million; radical expansion of SSCo network with targets increased from 1000 by 2004 to 2,400 by 2005/06; publication of Government recommendations on the role of Further and Higher Education in Delivering The Government’s Plan for Sport; 3 million pa for a new national sports talent scholarship system from 2004.

Sport in the Community:
The Budget 2002 gives Community Sports Clubs CharitableStatus; New Planning Guidance PPG 17 published; Facilities database under construction; Sport England modernisation brings about shift towards regional decision making and delegation of funding; 10 million revenue and 60 million capital funding from Budget and SR2002 for Community Club Development; Coaching Task Force Recommendations published; 28 million from SR2002 to implement majority of recommendations; Launch of Step into Sport volunteer training, awards and deployment programme; additional 4 million from SR2002 to extend the programme beyond the initial 2 years; skillsactiveUK now a Sector Skills Council in Development.

National Governing Body and World Class Programmes:
SR2002 allocation of 9.4 million to implement Elite Sports funding Review recommendations; EIS now fully operational on 9 multi-sport hub sites.  ]  

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