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Choosing health: A consultation on action to improve peoples’ health

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Good health and well being is fundamental to us all, enabling us to live active, fulfilled lives. The Government is absolutely committed to achieving better health for everyone, which is why we have put record levels of investment into the NHS. But just treating people when they become ill is not enough. Just as vital is taking action to safeguard health and prevent illness and disease, promoting healthier and longer lives.
We all know that there are some simple things that we can do to improve our own health, like eating a healthy diet, stopping smoking and being more physically active.

Many people are already taking these steps. Yet although many people are aware of steps that will improve their health – such as those set out in the Chief Medical Officer’s 10 tips for better health – there may be barriers which mean they do not act on them. For example, there may be a lack of safe places to walk or it may be quicker and easier to obtain unhealthy food than to ensure a balanced diet. It may be all too easy to drift into choices that are bad for our health.

We want your views on the role individuals, central and local government, the NHS, the public sector more broadly, the voluntary and community sector and industry, the media and others should have in helping people to be healthier. We know what the big challenges are in terms of smoking, obesity, diet, sexually transmitted infections and health inequalities. We need now to agree on how best we can make a real difference. How can we all work together more effectively to promote the health of all? How can we ensure that all our children are given the best possible start in life? How can we ensure people have a healthy retirement? How can we ensure people have the local environments, services, facilities and information they need to choose healthy lifestyles?

What will really make a difference? How can we overcome the barriers that have hindered progress in the past?
This is a conversation that must take place not only around the Cabinet table, but in homes, workplaces and communities across the country. I hope you will take part in this consultation and encourage others to do the same.



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