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Ruff guides to Sports development


Ruff Guides are designed to introduce and provide directional signs for study in a broad topic area. They give an overview of a topic. The sidebar suggests documents that we hold that may be related to the topic area and as you navigate to these, they too suggest related content.

You should reference Ruff guides as electronic sources.


Defining Sports Development
Barrie Houlihan
Ruff Guide to Government Sport Policy
Jon Cryer
Economic impact of the 2012 London Olympics [infographic].
Ruff Guide to Child Protection in Sport
Celia Brackenridge
Ruff guide to Coalition Sport Policy
Jon Cryer
Ruff Guide to Community Sport Initiatives
Bowtell, J
Ruff guide to Disability, Sport and PE
Philip Vickerman
Ruff Guide to Football Research
Andy Pitchford
Ruff guide to Gender and Sport
Ruth Jeanes
Ruff Guide to Government Sport Policy & Politics
Jeffreys, K.
Ruff guide to large scale sporting events
Paul Salisbury
Ruff guide to Olympic legacy
Sadd, D. Jones, I.
Ruff Guide to PE & School Sport
Chloé Woodhouse
Ruff Guide to Physical Actvity and Health
David James
Ruff Guide to Race and Sport
Kevin Hylton
Ruff guide to Sport & Celebrities
Ellis Cashmore
Ruff Guide to Sport & Religion
Andrew Parker
Ruff Guide to Sport & the Family
Tess Kay
Ruff guide to Sport and International Development
Lindsey, I. Banda, D. with Kay, T.
Ruff Guide to Sport and Social Enterprise
Andy Pitchford
Ruff Guide to Sport and Social Inclusion
Jon Cryer
Ruff Guide to Sport and Youth Crime
Jon Cryer
Ruff Guide to Talent Development
Jon Cryer
Ruff guide to the politics of PE & School Sport
Gold, J
Ruff Guide to the Training of Young Athletes (TOYA)
Sasha, T D
Ruff Guide to Women & Girls Football
Ruth Jeanes, Jo Welford

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