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Raising the bar: The final report of the independent sports review

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The political impetus behind the London 2012 Olympic bid was built on a foundation of genuine cross-Party support, the likes of which is very seldom seen. This unity of purpose - the adoption of a "Team Westminster" approach to the challenge at hand - provided an immensely positive backdrop to the work of Lord Coe and his team. The bid's success has demonstrated quite plainly that, in the field of sports policy, constructive debate rather than political point scoring is the only way to proceed.

This report seeks to embrace the principle of constructiveness. It highlights what is good about sport in the United Kingdom and it seeks to build upon the positive steps that have already been taken. Where there are failings, positive - and often radical - alternatives are proposed.

The success in Singapore has raised the bar. The United Kingdom now has less than seven years [2005] in which to deliver the greatest sporting event this world has ever known. It also has just seven years to develop a world-class sports policy which will form the basis of London 2012's ultimate legacy - a fitter, healthier, more active nation.

This report is intended to provide an agenda for change; a document that every member of "Team Westminster" can debate and consider as part of the quest to give the United Kingdom a sports policy that befits an Olympic and Paralympic host nation.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  This report was until now, like gold-dust, never released via PDF, particularly difficult to find in hard copy too, yet we have found a copy; ours is somewhat highlighted but rest assured that this does not detract from the narrative and our highlighter is our own Professor of Sports Policy; .... perhaps the highlights may provide some directional signs. Post 2012, we are congnisant that RTB '2' may happen. See also Towards a better future for youth sport (2008)  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (2013). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from In the text: Cryer (2013)


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Reference :   ISR. (2005). Raising the bar: The final report of the independent sports review. London: Independent Sports Review


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