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Training of Young Athletes Study (TOYA).

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The Training of Young Athletes (TOYA) Study was commissioned by the Sports Council in 1986 following growing concern about the negative effects of intensive training on children. There was much anecdotal evidence at the time suggesting cases of overtraining and competitive pressure leading to young athletes premature retirement from sport through physical and psychological "burn-out", though little scientific evidence was available to validate these impressions.

The Sports Council commissioned the TOYA Study to increase our understanding of the physical and psychological pressures faced by the elite young athlete. The study, however, is equally concerned with the positive as with the negative outcomes from a lifestyle committed to sporting performance.

The Sports Council's aim is to encourage sporting excellence wherever it may be found, but not at any cost. The results emerging from this study are proving invaluable in assisting the Sports Council and its partners in improving the identification and development of young talent whilst maintaining the positive wellbeing of the athlete.

The (1986) Sports Council indicate that were sure that the TOYA Series of reports will be welcomed by all those concerned with the sporting performance of the young - parents, teachers, coaches, sports scientists, administrators and not least, the athletes themselves.



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Reference :    Rowley, S. (1992). Training of Young Athletes Study (TOYA). London: Sports Council (GB)


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