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The Governments plan for sport

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This document is the 2001 action plan based on the document “A sporting future for all” published in 2000, setting out the plans to implement this vision. This action plan deals with initiatives to develop sport in education, community and the modernisation of organisations involved in sport.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  The document is updated in the review of the governments plan for sport (2002 attached the 2003 update is worthy of a page of it's own here) and Game Plan (2002), a strategy for delivering the governments sport and physical activity objectives.

This period is important for study since 1999 to 2003 were an interesting period for Sports development in terms of sport being contextualised in the wider social policy agendas, particularly that of social inclusion. See our Ruff guide to Government sport policy. ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

In the text: Cryer (year)


APA reference for this document


Reference : DCMS. (2001). The Governments plan for sport. London: HMSO.


The above reference is in the APA style: See why this is important in our [how to reference] us guide.


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Download this file (govplan2001.pdf)govplan2001.pdfDCMS. (2001). The Governments plan for sport. London: HMSO.
Download this file (Governments_plan_for_sportreview.pdf)Governments_plan_for_sportreview.pdfDCMS (2002). The Governments plan for sport annual report 2001/2. London: DCMS
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