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Increasing Demand for Sport and Physical Activity by Girls

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An increase in participation in sport and physical activity by girls is seen as desirable because girls are less active than boys in western industrialised countries, including Scotland, and because sport is considered a positive behaviour of value for its own sake. Furthermore, there are perceived possible benefits of increased participation in sport for wider social aims such as community regeneration and better academic performance. One area where sport and physical activity have shown clear benefits is in health. In Scotland the establishment of the Physical Activity Task Force, the publication of its strategy, Let’s Make Scotland More Active, and the appointment of a Physical Activity Coordinator, indicate the increased political priority given to these issues.

The Active Primary School Programme, established in August 2000, employed primary school teachers to work across a group of schools to increase physical activity. The School Sport Coordinator Programme, initiated in 1999, has attempted to enhance the range and quality of extended curricular sporting provision and to assist in the development of sport in the wider community. The Active Schools Programme, implemented from summer 2004, aims to build on the work of the Active Primary School and School Sport Coordinator Programmes.

Participation by girls in sport and physical activity is a multi-factorial issue and thus depends on, for example, societal values, gender relations, attitudes and self-confidence. Thus, through a review of literature and original research, this study explored the views of girls and providers in Scotland in order to further understanding of the demand for sport and other physical activity by girls in Scotland and to inform national strategies related to this demand.



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Editor's comments - [ This research was commissioned by sportscotland in recognition of the issue that a proportion of adolescent girls – significantly more than boys – were
opting out of regular participation in sport and other forms of physical activity. The purpose of the study was to explore the barriers and perceptions that underlie this, and to identify ways of retaining or attracting back these low participants into sport and other physical activity. ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : Biddle, S. Coalter, F. O'Donovan, T. MacBeth, J. Nevill, M. Whitehead, S. (2005). Increasing Demand for Sport and Physical Activity by Girls. Edinburgh: Sportscotland


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