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UK Action plan for coaching: Consultation draft.

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Arising from discussions with its key funding partners and the Home Country Sports Councils, sports coach UK was charged with the task of developing a UK Action Plan for Coaching across the UK.

The Action Plan has the following objectives:

  • clearly map the key goals; structures, resources and outcomes for a UK Action Plan for Coaching over three main phases: 2006-2008 (3 years); 2009-2012 (7 years); 2013-2016 (11 years). The 3-7-11 phases should run concurrently and should be driven by clear targets
  • identify and agree the optimal working arrangements among key partners in coaching within the UK and in each of the home nations, recognising the central role of Governing Bodies of Sport
  • identify and agree the specific roles to be played by sports coach UK as the government-designated support/technical agency for coaching
  • identify and agree the processes and procedures required in order for sports coach UK to provide relevant, cutting edge services, products and systems which support the coaching process at all levels

The need for such a plan arises from the increasing significance of coaching in the UK to the sporting and wider government agendas. Sport has a high national profile and it is now recognised at government level throughout the UK that sport and physical activity contribute significantly to the health, social inclusion and identity of the nation.

Preparation for 2012 also demands that the immediate coaching requirements for the Olympic and Paralympic Games are addressed. Coaching will play a significant role in contributing to a lasting and UK-wide legacy from 2012 and potentially from 2014 if the Glasgow Commonwealth Games bid is successful. This document sets out how such a legacy will be maximised on a partnership basis throughout the UK.

Within this context, a clear definition of vision, outcomes, goals, structures and resources for the UK Coaching System is essential. The UK Action Plan for Coaching has been developed following an extensive consultation process between January and June 2006.



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Reference : SCUK. (2006). UK Action plan for coaching: Consultation draft. Leeds: SCUK


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Download this file (UKAPCJune2006V3.pdf)UKAPCJune2006V3.pdfSCUK. (2006). UK Action plan for coaching: Consultation draft. Leeds: SCUK
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