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LibrarianWelcome to the Sports development document library.

Documents are organised in broad subject catagories and are listed by date of publication.

CCPR & National Governing Bodies top
Document name Created Author
UK National Governing Bodies of Sport leveraging of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for organisational capacity building
02 Feb 2013 Girginov, V
The role of the board in UK national governing bodies of sport
21 Sep 2011 Walters, G. et al
Red Card to Red Tape: How sport and recreation clubs want to break free from bureaucracy
05 Apr 2011 SRA
Good Governance in Sport: A Survey of UK National Governing Bodies of Sport
20 Apr 2010 Walters, G. et al
Getting the ball rolling: Sport's contribution to the 2008 - 2011 public service agreements
03 Mar 2009 CCPR
Beyond the bottom line: An analysis of the social, intellectual and technical capital provided by National Governing Bodies of sport.
01 May 2007 Welch, M. Long, J.
NGB Funding : An analysis of the funding profiles of National Sports Organisations
31 Jan 2007 Welch, M.
Transsexual people and sport: Guidance for sporting bodies.
17 May 2005 DCMS
CCPR red book for sport and recreation
02 Mar 2005 CCPR
Raising the standard: An evaluation of progress
21 Mar 2003 Long, J.
Qualified for success
12 Mar 2002 CCPR
Testing the waters: The sport of swimming
04 Mar 2002 DCMS
Active Britain-A manifesto for sport and recreation
05 Mar 2001 CCPR
Swimming in Key stage 2: An inspection report on standards and provision
01 Mar 2000 ofsted
Service to sport: The story of the CCPR -1935-1972
07 Feb 1974 Evans, H. J.
Sport & the community: The report of the Wolfenden committee on Sport 1960
10 Aug 1960 CCPR
Disability sport & physical activity top
Document name Created Author
The inclusion spectrum
01 Dec 2011 Black, K. Stevenson, P.
Paralympic Games: Classification Guide
30 Aug 2011 LOCOG
London 2012: a legacy for disabled people. A report for 2011
31 May 2011 DCMS
Review of the literature on volunteering, disability and sport.
31 Jul 2009 Fitzgerald, H. Lang, M.
The Paralympic Games: A bibliography
29 May 2009 Burkhardt, A.
User Guide to Disability Definitions
07 May 2009 ODI
A guide to the eligibility criteria in learning disability sport
02 Dec 2008 Mencap
The London 2012 guide to the Paralympic Games
29 Aug 2008 LOCOG
Opportunities for the full and equal citizenship of disabled people in Britain in 2020
22 Mar 2007 IPPR
Count me in: A guide to inclusive physical activity, sport and leisure for children with a disability
20 Sep 2006 Van Lent, M. (ed)
Can do volunteering: a guide to involving young disabled people as volunteers.
31 May 2006 Moore, D. Fishcock, S
Disability Sport in Devon: a report on current situation and action for future development.
23 Mar 2006 Bennett, J.
Young disabled people's experiences of accessing sport/leisure opportunities in Leicester.
21 Apr 2005 EFDS
Inclusive leisure opportunities: for children and young people aged 8-16 with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities in South East England
29 Mar 2005 Kelly, D.
Young people with disability in physical education/physical activity/sport in and out of schools
17 Feb 2005 Sherrill, C
Audit of sports opportunities for children and adults with a disability in Cumbria
10 Feb 2005 Steventon, J.
Gifted and Talented Disability Project
27 Jan 2005 Fitzgerald, H. Kay, T.
Exploring Sources of Enjoyment and Level of Provision in Disabled Youth Sport in Birmingham Schools and the Surrounding Area
05 Nov 2004 Hale, L.
“Dissplace” project: (Disability sport and leisure placements).
18 Aug 2004 EFDS
Sports Participation by Disabled Young People in Derbyshire
08 Jun 2004 Fitzgerald, H. Kay, T.
Social inclusion through recreation for persons with disabilities
04 Mar 2003 Gaylord, V. et al.
Hello! Are you listening?: Disabled teenagers’ experience of access to inclusive leisure
26 Jun 2002 Murray, P.
Adults with a Disability and Sport. National Survey 2000/2001
04 Mar 2002 Gatward, Burrell
Sport and people with a disability
23 May 2001 Sport Scotland
Young People with a disability and sport
05 Mar 2001 Finch, N.
eTheses top
Document name Created Author
Investigating drop out in ex-junior rugby union players
01 Mar 2013 Richards, J.
London 2012: Olympic ‘legacy’, Olympic education and the development of social capital in physical education and school sport: a case study
19 Dec 2012 Defroand, J
The role and development of life skills in young sports participants
25 Jul 2012 Holland, M.J.G
Achievement goals and emotions in competitive sport
02 Jul 2012 Dewar, A. J.
The Inbetweeners: Young people making sense of youth anti-social behaviour
03 Jun 2012 Armitage, V. J
'Active Sports' The First Step to Sporting Excellence?
13 May 2012 Cook, G.V.
‘But you didn’t think what you were doing was risky’: The Role of Risk in Mediating the Identities and Practices of Rock Climbers
04 Apr 2012 West, A.J
The role and development of life skills in young sports participants
16 Feb 2012 Holland, M.J.G.
Family structure and child health
31 Jan 2012 Panico, L.
Conditions for sustainable decarceration strategies for young offenders
24 Jan 2012 Jones, D. W.
Development and evaluation of a home-based exercise intervention for frail older people
24 Jan 2012 Clegg, A.P
A comparative analysis of gender disparities in British football and British athletics
16 Nov 2011 McGuigun, D, L.
A multi-method examination of the processes and outcomes of IZOF interventions in competitive sport: implications for program design, delivery, and evaluation
09 Nov 2011 Woodcock, C.
The effects of Olympic inclusion on sport: the case of trampolining in England
06 Nov 2011 Katharine Ilona Berry
Understanding the coach-athlete relationship from a cross-cultural perspective
02 Nov 2011 Yang, X.
Leisure, Organised Sport and Antisocial Behaviour an Examination of Youth’s Involvement in Leisure, Organised Sports and its Effect on Antisocial Behaviour
01 Sep 2011 Meenagh, A
Desire for inclusion in association football amongst minority ethnic communities in England
08 Jul 2011 Whiteside, D.
Parenting and childhood in a culture of fear
21 Jun 2011 Franklin, L.
Team GB: united or untied? Contemporary nationalism, national identity and British Olympic football teams at London 2012
13 May 2011 Marks, Darren
Conflict and Consensus within the ‘Paralympic field’: A sociological investigation of an elite disability sport competition
12 May 2011 Purdue, D.
Physical Activity, Extracurricular Sport and the '5x60' Initiative: Leisure Lifestyles and Young People in Wales, 2007-2009
31 Mar 2011 Leyshon. A.S.
Exploring the value of engagement mentoring as a preventative strategy with at-risk youth
17 Dec 2010 Pollitt, K.
Women’s sporting lives: a biographical study of elite amateur tennis players at Wimbledon
08 Dec 2010 van Someren, J
Diversity and divergence: perspectives on inclusion through sport for ethnic minority young people
09 Nov 2010 Filusanmi,J
Physical development, and progression to professional soccer, of elite child and adolescent academy players
18 Oct 2010 Hulse, M.A
A Geographical Study of Scottish Sport
01 Sep 2010 Reid, F.
The socio-economic variations in the provision, quality and perception of play areas in Glasgow
18 Aug 2010 McAdam, C. M
Female Fandom in an English ‘Sports City’: A sociological study of female spectating and consumption around sport
02 Aug 2010 Pope, S. E.
The metabolic and environmental determinants of obesity in childhood: observational and interventional studies
29 Jul 2010 Falconer, C
An investigation into the risk and protective factors associated with youth offending
21 Jul 2010 Vien, A.
Sport development policy implementation: the FA's Charter Standard scheme
25 Jun 2010 O'Gorman, J.
Activity-related parenting practices and young people's physical activity
22 Jun 2010 Edwardson, C, L.
Understanding coach learning
13 Apr 2010 Nelson, L.J.
Disability and physical activity behaviours: an application of theoretical frameworks
02 Feb 2010 Hobbs, N.
An exploration of the motivationally-relevant behaviours of coaches, parents and peers across the athletic career span.
25 Jan 2010 Keegan, R. J.
An evaluation of ‘Families for Health’ : a new family-based intervention for the management of childhood obesity
10 Dec 2009 Robertson, W.
An Exploratory Case Study of a 'Successful' Pupil Referral Unit (PRU).
25 Nov 2009 Leather, M. F.
An Oral History of Footballing Communities at Liverpool and Manchester United Football Clubs
31 Aug 2009 Kelly, S.
Soccer and the American Dream
10 Feb 2009 Lawrence, I.
A changing picture of health: health-related exercise policy and practice in physical education curricula in secondary schools in England and Wales
18 Dec 2008 Leggett, G.
The role of coach education in the development of expertise in coaching
09 Sep 2008 Nash, C.S.
"I must be mad to watch this lot" :a qualitative study examining the effect that supporting a small, local football club has on the mental health of supporters
21 Aug 2008 Prigle, A.
Leaving competitive sport: Scottish female athletes’ experiences of sport career transitions
30 Apr 2008 Gilmore, O.
Junior to senior transition: understanding and facilitating the process
27 Apr 2008 Pummell, E.
Young people's experience of football: a grounded theory
09 Apr 2008 Piggott, D.
Still feeling like a spare piece of luggage: young disabled people's construction of embodied identities within physical education and sport
08 Apr 2008 Fitzgerald, H.F
Social exclusion in British tennis: A history of priviledge and prejudice
03 Apr 2008 Lake, R. J.
Partnership and collaboration in sport: a study in the context of the New Opportunities for PE and Sport programme in three English cities
31 Mar 2008 Lindsey, I. A.
Sport and neighbourhood regeneration: exploring the mechanisms of social inclusion through sport.
11 Nov 2007 Suzuki, N.
Positive youth development through sport: teaching life skills
16 Aug 2007 Jones, M.I.
Sport action zones: empowering local communities? The regional manifestation of a national initiative
09 Aug 2007 Wheatley. L.R.
The developmental socialisation of young people in club sport: an ethnographic account
21 Apr 2005 Toms, M.
Nothing left to chance? Development of elite sport policy in Scotland, 1999-2003
26 Aug 2004 Munro, K
Women's football in Scotland : an interpretive analysis
25 Aug 2004 Macbeth,J.L.
Sport development in Kuwait: Perceptions of stakeholders on the significance and delivery of sport.
14 Jul 2004 Aldousari, B.
An examination of the disability sport policy network in England: a case study of the English Federation of Disability Sport and mainstreaming in seven sports
13 Apr 2004 Thomas, N.
An evaluation of the impacts of the Champion Coaching Scheme on youth sport and coaching
17 Mar 2004 Bell, B.
An analysis of elite sport policy change in three sports in Canada and the United Kingdom
30 Apr 2003 Green, M.
'Meet the new boss; same as the old boss' : a social history of the football manager, 1880 - c.1966
19 Nov 2002 Carter, N.
The professionalisation of rugby union
07 Dec 2000 Phillpots, K.
Shinty, nationalism and cultural identity, 1835 - 1939: a critical analysis
16 Aug 2000 Reid, I. A.
'Tripping daintily into the arena' : a social history of English women's athletics 1921-1960.
11 Sep 1996 Robinson, L.E
Chasing the "Big-Time" : football apprenticeship in the 1990s
14 Aug 1996 Parker, A.
"No change in a new era?" The impact of the Education Reform Act (1988) on the provision of physical education and sport in state schools
09 Mar 1994 Dawn Penney
A Sociological Analysis of the Scottish Highland Games
31 Aug 1988 Jarive, G.
The legalisation of the professional footballer : a study of some aspects of the legal status and employment conditions of association football players in England and Wales from the late nineteenth century to the present day
23 Feb 1984 Redhead, S.
Sponsorship in context
30 Mar 1979 Waite, N.
Secondary education & juvenile delinquency
27 Sep 1973 Corrigan, P.D
Football top
Document name Created Author
Creating chances: Using the power of football to positively change lives
21 Mar 2013 The Premier League
Racism in Football: Second Report of Session 2012–13
19 Sep 2012 CMS Committee
The report of the Hillsborough independent panel
12 Sep 2012 Hillsborough Independent Panel
Leagues behind:Football's failure to tackle anti-gay abuse
19 Aug 2009 Sam Dick
Kick racism out of schools, soccer and society
14 Feb 2009 KROSSS
Kickz: First season progress report
05 May 2008 Substance
Can we have our ball back please? Rising inactivity levels in Great Britain’s youth and the impact on elite football.
04 Sep 2007 Kenyon, J. Palmer, C.
Football bibliography
12 Mar 2007 Brakenridge, C.
Football: An all consuming passion?.
05 Sep 2006 Crabbe, T
On and Off the Pitch: Diversity policies and transforming identities?.
30 Sep 2005 Woodward, K.
On the Eastside: Research report into the estate based social inclusion interventions of Leyton Orient community sports programme
03 Aug 2004 Crabbe, T. Slaughter, P.
Racial equality in football: A survey.
31 Mar 2004 Welch, M.
Football and families. Fact Sheet 14
14 Mar 2002 Lowrey, J.
5-a-side Football: Research Report no. 76
01 Aug 2001 KCA
Working Group on football disorder: Report and recommendations
12 Mar 2001 Bassam, S.
Football : Commercial issues
16 Mar 1999 FTF
Investing in the community. A submission by the football task force to the minister of sport
09 Mar 1999 FTF
Eliminating racism from football
17 Mar 1998 FTF
Improving facilities for disabled people. A submission by the football task force
10 Mar 1998 FTF
Glasgow 2014 top
Document name Created Author
How will the 2014 Commonwealth Games impact on Glasgow’s health, and how will we know?
03 Aug 2010 McCartney, G.
On your marks: A games legacy for Scotland
10 Sep 2009 Games Legacy Team
Reaching higher ; Building on the success of sport 21
02 Mar 2007 Scottish Executive
The sustainability of local sports clubs in Scotland
14 Feb 2006 Reid Howie
Nothing left to chance? Development of elite sport policy in Scotland, 1999-2003
27 Aug 2004 Munro, K.
Sport 21: 2003-2007. The National Strategy for Sport
18 Mar 2003 sportscotland
Sport 21 Review
06 Mar 2000 Sportsscotland
Sport 21: Nothing left to chance
16 Mar 1998 SSC
International documents top
Document name Created Author
Designed to move: A physical activity agenda
25 Sep 2012
Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health
30 Aug 2010 WHO
The Future of Sport in Australia (Crawford Report)
05 Aug 2009 Crawford, D.
Learning to play and playing to learn: Organized sports and educational outcomes
25 Feb 2009 Rosewater, A.
Literature reviews on sport for development and peace
24 Oct 2007 SDP
The sport development impact assessment tool (S•DIAT) for monitoring and evaluation of sport-in-development projects in Africa
18 Jun 2007 Burnett, C.
Partnerships involving sports-for-development NGOs and the fight against HIV / AIDS.
10 Apr 2007 Banda, D. Lindsey, I. Kay, T.
Study on young people’s lifestyles and sedentariness and the role of sport in the context of education and as a means of restoring the balance.
06 Oct 2004 Brettschneider, W.
Health and development through physical activity and sport
27 Mar 2003 WHO
Council of Europe. 2001. The European sports charter(revised). Brussels: Council of Europe.
26 Mar 2001 CoE
Study on sport as a tool for the social integration of young people
14 Mar 2000 Becker, P.
Nice declaration: Declaration on the specific characteristics of sport and its social function in Europe
14 Mar 2000 EC
A clean and healthy sport for the 3rd millennium
13 Mar 2000 Brakenridge, C.
European Model of Sport
07 Mar 2000 EC
Sport for all and the international olympic committee
07 Mar 2000 IOC
The Helsinki report on sport
16 Mar 1999 CEC
Local Government & the Regions top
Document name Created Author
Audit of physical activity opportunities in Gloucester City: Summary Report.
10 Dec 2009 Harris, C. Crone, D. Mahoney, M.
Culture and Sport: Preparing for Comprehensive Area Assessment [East Midlands].
14 Oct 2009 CIP
Our sporting commitment.
25 Mar 2009 Sport England / LGA
A Passion for excellence: One year on
24 Mar 2009 DCMS
A passion for excellence: An improvement strategy for Culture and Sport.
17 Mar 2008 LGA
Neighbourhood Management and Social Capital
08 Aug 2007 Taylor, M.
Public sports and recreation services: Making them fit for the future.
21 Jun 2006 Audit Commission
Sport and the countryside: Driving up participation
23 Mar 2004 Elson, M.
Sport and local delivery
09 Mar 2004 Ravenscroft, N.
Sport in the east midlands: The role of social enterprises
08 Mar 2004 McIntyre, S.
The value of the sports economy in England
10 Mar 2003 CE
Sport and recreation briefing
26 Mar 2002 AC
A Place at the table? : Culture and leisure in modern local government
18 Mar 2002 LGA
An overview of the way in which sport is governed and supported at regional level in England
27 Mar 2001 Welch, M.
Performance measurement for the development of sport: A good practice guide for local authorities
26 Mar 2001 Sport England
Providing for sport and recreation through new housing development
26 Mar 2001 Elson, M.
Realising the value of cultural services: the case for sport
20 Mar 2001 Coalter, F.
Local cultural strategies: Draft guidance for local authorities
24 Mar 1999 DCMS
Planning policies for sport
24 Mar 1999 Sport England
Best value through sport: The value of sport to regional development
11 Mar 1999 Sport England
Best value through sport: The value of sport to local authorities
11 Mar 1999 Sport England
London 2012 top
Document name Created Author
Olympic and Paralympic legacy survey
30 Jan 2013 Cox, S.
The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games: post-Games review
05 Dec 2012 NAO
The Olympics and Economics 2012
26 Jul 2012 Goldman Sachs
Beyond 2012: The London Legacy Story
28 Mar 2012 LOCOG
Meta-Evaluation of the Impacts and Legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
31 Jan 2012 Grant Thornton et al
Plans for the legacy from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games (Dec 2010)
20 Dec 2010 DCMS
A Lasting Legacy: How can London fully exploit the opportunities created by the Olympic Games in the recovery and to 2030?.
28 Apr 2010 Work Foundation
A systematic review of the evidence base for developing a physical activity and health legacy from the London 2012 olympic and paraolympic games
27 Feb 2009 Weed, M. et al
London 2012 legacy research: Wave 2, 2008: Quantitative report.
03 Dec 2008 BMRB
Implications and issues of London 2012 for the site's residents.
26 Nov 2008 Sadd & Jones
The Olympic Games: A Bibliography
30 Sep 2008 Veal A
A systematic review of the evidence base for developing a physical activity, sport and health legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.
20 Aug 2008 Weed, M. et al
Hosting the Olympics: Sprint or marathon
06 Aug 2008 Ahmar, S
Preparing for sporting success at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond
14 Jul 2008 HM Government
Before, during and after: making the most of the London 2012 Games
02 Jun 2008 DCMS
Employment and skills for the 2012 Games: Research and evidence
13 May 2008 Experian
London 2012 legacy research: final report.
21 Nov 2007 EdComs
The Olympic Legacy: qualitative research into public attitudes
02 Oct 2007 CRD
Olympic Legacy Research - Quantitative Report.
01 Oct 2007 BMRB Sport
Government Response to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Report on ‘London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games: Funding and Legacy’
26 Mar 2007 DCMS
Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund Account 2005–06
29 Jan 2007 HoC
London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games: funding and legacy.
17 Jan 2007 CMS
Hammersmith & Fulham: Sport and physical activity strategy: 2006 to 2012
27 Oct 2006 H&F
2012 London Olympic Bid Candidate File
06 Jul 2005 LOCOG
Host city contract for the games of the XXX olympiad in 2012
06 Jul 2005 IOC
London olympics act 2005: Bill 45.
25 Mar 2005 HMSO
Olympic games impact study [London]
22 Mar 2005 PWC
After the Gold Rush: A sustainable Olympics for London
13 Oct 2004 Vigor, A et al
Performance Sport & Coaching top
Document name Created Author
Coaches Outside the System: Research Report for sport coach UK
03 May 2013 Nash, C. et al
Sport, Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention: A Sourcebook on Global Issues and Local Programmes
06 Dec 2012 Brackenridge, C.
Looking beyond 2012 - ethical conflicts for coaching: a review of key UK sport-based policy
14 Jun 2012 Vinson, D.
Coach tracking study: A four-year study of coaching in the UK
22 Feb 2012 SCUK
BME Coaching in sport
21 Dec 2011 Sporting Equals
Participant Development in Sport: An Academic Review
09 Mar 2010 Bailey, R. et al
Researching youth sport: Conference presentations
16 Sep 2009 Brunel University
Sexual abuse risk in sport: Testing the "stage of imminent achievement" hypothesis
31 Mar 2009 Brackenridge, C. et al
Sporting success, role models and participation: A policy related review.
21 Jan 2009 Lyle, J.
Factors influencing the motivations of sports coaches
08 Aug 2007 Lyle, J. et al
Helping keep your child safe in sport.
26 Jul 2007 DCMS
Eating disorders and sport: A guideline framework for practitioners working with high performance athletes
23 May 2007 UKSport
UK Sport Survey of World Class Athletes 2007
14 May 2007 SIRC
Developing the potential of young people in sport
06 Mar 2007 Abbott, A et al
The Parents’ Optimum Zone: Measuring and optimising parental engagement in youth sport.
05 Feb 2007 Brackenridge, C
Standards for Safeguarding Children in Sport
26 Jul 2006 CPSU
Coaching Scotland
13 Jun 2006 Vaga
UK Action plan for coaching: Consultation draft.
16 May 2006 SCUK
UK Sport Annual Reports
11 Mar 2005 UK Sport
Unnecessary roughness? : Youth sports, peer networks and male adolescent violence.
01 Oct 2004 Kreager, D.
Drugs and role models in sport: making and setting examples
14 Sep 2004 HoC
Measuring success 2: The economic impact of major sporting events
30 Jul 2004 UK Sport
Success is long term: Long term athlete development related to the journey through swimming.
03 May 2004 Grange, J.
Long-term athlete development: Trainability in childhood and adolescence. Windows of opportunity. optimal trainability.
24 Mar 2004 Balyi, I.
Multi sport hub club models
08 Mar 2004 Drew, M.
Charitable status and sport
21 Mar 2002 Charity Commission
Active sports mid term report: October 2002
15 Mar 2002 Sport England
Final report of the Coaching task force 2002
08 Mar 2002 DCMS
Elite sports funding review 2001
19 Mar 2001 Cunningham, J.
Athletes lifestyles and ACE UK : A survey of athletes’ experiences of sport, education and work, and the role of the ACE UK programme
12 Mar 2001 North, J.
Sport system building and long-term athlete development in British Columbia
12 Mar 2001 Balyi, I.
Advisory booklet on forming a sports club: A guide to a club constitution
12 Mar 2001 Sport Scotland
Child Protection in British Sport - A Position Statement
05 Mar 2001 Brakenridge, C.
TOYA and retirement
24 Dec 1993 Rowley, S.
TOYA and sports injuries
24 Dec 1993 Jones, A. Anaesthesia, P.
TOYA and Health
23 Dec 1993 Rowley, S.
TOYA and Lifestyle
23 Dec 1993 Rowley, S.
TOYA and Education
22 Dec 1993 Sports Council (GB)
TOYA and Intensive Training
22 Dec 1993 Rowley, S
TOYA and identification of talent.
22 Dec 1993 Rowley, S. and Baxter-Jones, A.
TOYA Physical fitness and growth
22 Dec 1993 Baxter-Jones, A.
Training of Young Athletes Study (TOYA).
21 Dec 1993 Rowley, S.
TOYA and fair play
24 Dec 1992 Rowley, S. Hodgson, D.
Coaching Matters: A review of Coaching and Coach Education in the United Kingdom
22 Feb 1991 Sports Council (GB)
Quadrennial and double quadrennial planning of athletic training
05 Mar 1990 Balyi, I.
The effects of intensive training on young athletes: A review of the literature
23 Feb 1986 Rowley, S.
Physical Activity and Health top
Document name Created Author
Physical activity statistics 2012
19 Jul 2012 Townsend N, Bhatnagar P, Wickramasinghe K,Scarborough P, Foster C, Rayner M
Workplace physical activity in Wales: Literature review 2010
15 Mar 2011 Brightpurpose
A snapshot of the health of young people in Europe
10 Jul 2009 WHO
Be active: Be healthy
27 Feb 2009 DoH
Promoting physical activity for children and young people
29 Jan 2009 NICE
Promoting physical activity, active play and sport for pre-school and school-age children and young people in family, pre-school, school and community settings
27 Jan 2009 NICE
Improving health: Changing behaviour, NHS health trainer handbook
05 Aug 2008 BPS
Workplace health promotion: how to encourage employees to be physically active
19 May 2008 NICE
Physical activity and mental health: the role of physical activity in promoting mental wellbeing and preventing mental health problems: An evidence briefing.
13 May 2008 Whitelaw, S.
Play and Exercise in Early Years:Physically active play in early childhood provision
05 May 2008 Brady
Obesity in the UK: A review and comparative analysis of policies within the devolved regions.
28 Feb 2008 Musingarrimi, P.
Participation in sport and active recreation in Gloucestershire; A summary.
23 Jan 2008 Baker, CM. Owens,CS.
Healthy weight, healthy lives: A cross-government strategy for England
09 Jan 2008 COI
Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet: England, January 2008
01 Jan 2008 ONS
Guidlines For the promotion of physical activity with older people
24 Jul 2007 BHF
Best Practice Review of Sport and Physical Activity Interventions for Young People Aged 13-18 Years: Volume 1
29 Jun 2006 Kolt, GS. et al
Physical activity and its impact on health behaviour among youth
31 Aug 2005 Jones-Palm, DH. Palm,J.
Taking action at local level: a resource for improving health and wellbeing in mid-life
05 Apr 2005 NICE
Choosing activity: A physical activity action plan
01 Mar 2005 DoH
Health-related and economic benefits of workplace health promotion and prevention: Summary of the scientific evidence
26 Nov 2004 Kreis, J. Bödeker, W
Sport, physical activity and health: Future prospects
31 Mar 2004 Rowe, N.
Sport, health and economic benefit
08 Mar 2004 Gratton, C.
Physical exercise initiatives case studies
02 Mar 2004 Peters, J.
The Wanless Report - Health Trends
10 Mar 2003 Wanless, D.
Tackling health inequalities - A compendium
03 Mar 2003 DoH
Addressing the health agenda: A new focus for sports activity:Health
11 Mar 2002 DOH
Saving lives, saving money - Physical activity_the best buy in public health
04 Mar 2002 CCPR
Children and young people- The importance of physical activity
29 Mar 2001 Logstrup, S.
Health benefits of physical activity
20 Mar 2001 POST
Tackling Obesity in England
05 Mar 2001 NAO
Healthy child development through Sport and Recreation
06 Mar 2000 Cowie-Bonne, J.
Health Behaviours of Scottish Schoolchildren: Technical Report 3: Eating Patterns and Physical Activity in the 1990s
08 Feb 2000 Todd, J. et al
Physical activity in later life
01 Sep 1999 Skelton, D. Young, A. Walker, A. Hoinville, E
Best value through sport: The value of sport to the health of the nation
11 Mar 1999 Sport England
Special Interest Groups top
Document name Created Author
Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) People in Sport: Understanding LGB sports participation in Wales
03 Dec 2012 Sport Wales
Out in Sport: LGBT Students’ Experiences of Sport
10 Oct 2012 Buchanan-Parker, L.
The role of faith centres in the provision of sport and physical activity
20 Jun 2012 Sporting Equals
Give us our ball back: Reclaiming sport for the common good
13 Jun 2012 Bickley, P. Tomlin, S.
That’s what she said: Women students’ experiences of lad culture in higher education
28 Mar 2012 Phipps, A. Young, I.
Sweat in the City: How 2000 young women discovered the positive power of exercise
16 Sep 2009 WSFF
Black role models: which messages work?
31 Jul 2009 Abrams, D et al
Trophy women: Why a balanced board is good for business
22 Jul 2009 WSFF
Understanding muslim ethnic communities
15 Apr 2009 DCLG
Towards a better future for youth sport
08 Apr 2008 MacDougal, J.
It’s time: Future forecasts for women’s participation in sport and exercise
29 Nov 2007 WSFF
Because I’m Worth it : A Review of Women’s Experiences of Participation in Sport and Other Physical Activity.
06 Jun 2007 Brackenridge, C
Participation in sport and recreation by culturally and linguistically diverse women
16 Aug 2006 Cortis, N. et al
UK Strategy framework for Women and sport
23 Feb 2006 Lillistone, C.
Raising the bar: The final report of the independent sports review
21 Sep 2005 ISR
A sporting chance for women
02 Jun 2003 Belt, V. Conway,C.
The Montreal toolkit
12 Sep 2002 IWG
From Windhoek to Montreal: Women and sport progress report
20 Jun 2002 White, A. Scoretz, D.
Sporting equals factsheets
19 Mar 2002 CRE
Young people and sex stereotyping
20 Mar 2001 EOC
Achieving racial equality : A Standard for sport
28 Mar 2000 CRE
Towards gender equity in sports management
31 May 1999 Welch, M.
The Windhoek call for action
29 May 1998 IWG
From Brighton to Windhoek: Facing the challenge
17 Mar 1998 White, A.
Brighton declaration on women and sport
10 May 1994 IWG
Sport and Community Safety top
Document name Created Author
Fit for release: How sports-based learning can help prisoners engage in education, gain employment and desist from crime
08 Aug 2012 Meek, R. Champion, N. Klier, S
The role of sport in promoting desistance from crime: An evaluation of the 2nd Chance project rugby and football academies at Portland young Offender institution
28 Jan 2012 Meek, R.
Teenage Kicks: The value of sport in tackling youth crime
11 Mar 2011 Neveill,C. Poorvliet,M.
Breaking barriers:Community cohesion, sport and organisational development
17 Aug 2010 Crabbe, T. Brown, A. Brown, B. Slater, I
Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Understanding the role of sport in addressing concerns about gangs and youth crime
21 Oct 2009 Crabbe, T.
Sports gang: Understanding the role of sport in addressing concerns about gangs and youth crime.
01 Jul 2009 Substance
Taking It On - The Annual Review of Positive Futures 2008
07 Apr 2009 Substance
Tired of hanging around; Using sport and leisure activities to prevent anti-social behaviour by young people
14 Jan 2009 Audit Commission
Youth Sport vs. Youth Crime.
15 Apr 2008 Carmichael
Youth gangs, violence and anti-social behaviour
26 Sep 2007 White, R.
Positive futures: Putting the pieces together
19 Sep 2007 Tim Crabbe
Using 'sport in the community schemes' to tackle crime and drug use among young people: some policy issues and problems
11 Apr 2007 Smith, A.
Knowing the score: Positive futures case study research: Final report
22 Nov 2006 Tim Crabbe
Going the distance: Impact, journeys and distance travelled
22 Nov 2006 Tim Crabbe
Understanding and preventing youth crime (findings)
27 Apr 2006 Farrington, D.
In the boot room
27 Mar 2006 Tim Crabbe
Positive activities for young people
29 Apr 2005 Crime concern
Getting to know you: Engagement and relationship building: First interim national positive futures case study report
24 Mar 2005 Tim Crabbe
Sport and community safety: Case studies
14 Mar 2005 NRU
Positive futures impact report: Engaging with young people
29 Mar 2004 PFT
Street games: A report into young peoples participation in sport
02 Mar 2004 NRU
Demanding Physical Activity Programmes for Young Offenders
08 Jul 2003 Taylor P.
An Evaluation of positive futures: The key elements
31 Mar 2003 MORI
Sport, physical activity and antisocial behaviour in youth
25 Mar 2003 Morris, L. et al.
Observing positive futures: Monitoring and evaluation programme
20 Mar 2003 MORI
Cul-de-sacs and gateways - Understanding the Positive Futures Approach
18 Mar 2003 HODSD
Evaluation of positive futures-Survey of partner agencies and community organisations
03 Mar 2003 MORI
Splash 2002 : Final report
11 Oct 2002 Splash
Tackling anti-social behaviour
06 Sep 2002 Chanwick, R. Aroyehum, O.
Positive futures a review of impact and good practice: Summary report
26 Mar 2002 Leisure Futures
Summer spash schemes 2000: Findings from six case studies
15 Mar 2002 Loxley, C. et al.
Kids’ clubs in action : Crime
08 Mar 2002 KCN
Crime prevention through sport and physical activity
31 Aug 2000 Cameron, M. MacDougal, C.
NACRO youth crime section factsheet: Some facts about youth offenders
27 Mar 2000 NACRO
Sport-focussed interventions for young people at risk: do they work?
17 Mar 2000 Waddington, I.
Sport, recreation and juvenile crime
25 Feb 1998 Mason, G. Wilson, P.
Sport and Government Policy top
Document name Created Author
Creating a sporting habit for life: A new youth sport strategy
10 Jan 2012 DCMS
DCMS Business Plan 2011-2015
19 May 2011 DCMS
The emergence of a hosting strategy in British sports policy
30 Jan 2011 Salisbury, P.
Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our strategy for public health in England.
29 Nov 2010 DoH
Fair society healthy lives
25 Feb 2010 Marmot, M.
A sporting Britain for all
10 Feb 2010 Labour Party
Extended opportunies: A Conservative policy paper on sport.
25 Mar 2009 Conservative Party
Playing to win: A new era for sport
03 Dec 2008 DCMS
Community Sport: Oral and written evidence
19 May 2005 HoC
Making a difference - Reducing burdens in school and community sport
08 Mar 2005 DCMS
Choosing health: Making healthier choices easier
09 Mar 2004 DoH
Choosing health: A consultation on action to improve peoples’ health
01 Mar 2004 DoH
Every child matters
23 Jul 2003 HM Government
Climbing higher: Sport and active recreation in Wales
16 Jul 2003 WAG
Government’s plan for sport review 2003
12 Mar 2003 DCMS
Game plan: A strategy for delivering government’s sport and physical activity objectives
17 Dec 2002 DCMS
The Governments plan for sport
27 Mar 2001 DCMS
A Sporting Future for All
15 Mar 2000 DCMS
Sport England Summit (2000)
06 Mar 2000 DCMS
Report of the Policy Action Team 10: The contribution of Sport and the Arts
31 Mar 1999 DCMS
Bringing Britain Together
26 Mar 1998 SEU
Sport: Raising the Game: Report of the working group on University sports scholarships
31 Jul 1996 DoNH
Sport: Raising the Game
27 Jul 1995 DoNH
Sport and Active Recreation
03 Sep 1991 DoES
Sport and active recreation provision in the inner cities: Report of the minister for sport's review group 1988/89
13 Dec 1989 DoE
Sport in the Community: Into the 90's: A strategy for sport 1988-1993
01 Sep 1988 Sports Council (GB)
Sport in the Community: The Next Ten Years
04 Aug 1982 Sports Council
Sport for All
30 Sep 1981 Sports Council (GB)
Sport as a Social Instrument top
Document name Created Author
Move It: increasing young people's participation in sport
28 Sep 2012 Kahn, L. Norman, W.
More than a Game: Harnessing the power of sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people
04 May 2011 CSJ
Effective strategies and interventions for adolescents in a child protection context
28 Jan 2009 Schmied, V.
Time Out: Programme monitoring and evaluation report: 2008
27 Jan 2009 Mellor, G.
More than winning: The real value of sport and recreation in Western Australia
10 Dec 2008 ORS
Creating a nation of active women: A framework for change
14 Nov 2008 WSFF
What can sport do: The True sport report
01 Sep 2008 Mullholland, E.
Development through Sport: Building Social Capital in Disadvantaged Communities
20 Aug 2008 Skinner, J.
Evidence in the Field of Sport and Development: An overview
24 Jun 2008 Schwery
Sport and recreation and community building: Literature review
02 Jun 2008 Larkin, A.
A learning guide for practitioners in community sport and active recreation.
17 Jul 2007 Tungatt, M.
Single equity scheme
12 Jun 2007 Sportscotland
Physical activity and building stronger communties
07 Apr 2007 Chau, J.
Get Hooked on Fishing, Angling and Youth Inclusion.
06 Dec 2006 Brown, A
Community development through sport
06 Jun 2006 Bowtell, J.
Understanding participation in sport: What determines sports participation among lone parents?
06 Jun 2006 GfK NOP
Time for play encouraging greater play opportunities for children and young people.
09 May 2006 DCMS
Sport and social capital in the United Kingdom: Statistical evidence
14 Dec 2005 Delaney, L.
Fit for life: Using sports as an educational tool for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities
07 Sep 2005 Schroeder, K.
Sport and sustainable communities: Case studies
28 Mar 2005 NRU
Sport and employment: Case studies
25 Mar 2005 NRU
Designing sport & physical activity projects: Case studies
21 Mar 2005 NRU
Sport, physical activity and renewal: Case studies
15 Mar 2005 NRU
Increasing BME participation in Sport and Physical activity by Black and Ethnic Minority Communities
07 Mar 2005 PLC
The social benefits of sport
04 Jan 2005 Coalter, F.
Facilitating community involvement: practical guidance for practitioners and policy makers.
30 Sep 2004 Larsen, CS.
The equality standard: A framework for sport.
03 May 2004 Sport England
Driving up participation: Social inclusion
29 Mar 2004 Mike Collins
Bringing communities together through sport and culture
23 Mar 2004 DCMS
Sport and the ageing population
16 Mar 2004 Long, J.
Driving up participation: Sport and Volunteering
14 Mar 2004 Taylor, P.
The family factor in sport
08 Mar 2004 Kay, T.
Studies on education and sport: Sport and multiculturalism
08 Mar 2004 PMP
Future sports or future challenges to sport?
08 Mar 2004 Coalter, F.
Sport, active recreation and social inclusion.
24 Mar 2003 Campbell,S.
The role of recreation in promoting social inclusion
12 Dec 2002 Donnelly, P. Coakley, J.
Community Benefits from Sport?.
21 Mar 2002 Long, J.
Sports volunteering in England
19 Mar 2002 LIRC
Sport and community development : A manual
19 Mar 2002 Coalter, F.
Count me in : The dimensions of social inclusion through culture and sport
08 Mar 2002 Long,J.
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly sports action zone: Needs assessment
20 Mar 2001 CISSAZT
Social exclusion and sport: The role of training and learning
05 Mar 2001 Bryant, P.
Active Communities
27 Mar 2000 Sport England
Action Sport - Evaluation Report
11 Mar 1986 Rigg, M.
Sport in Education top
Document name Created Author
Beyond 2012 - outstanding physical education for all
14 Feb 2013 Ofsted
Review of the National Curriculum in England (Physical Education KS1-4).
04 Feb 2013 DfE
The same difference: a review of Conservative and Labour government physical education and school sport policy between 1988-2010
29 Jun 2012 Gold, J.
Changing the game for girls.
27 Apr 2012 WSFF
The Future ofFurther Education Sport
25 Feb 2010 Prospects4Sport
The PE and Sport Strategy for Young People: A Guide to Delivering the Five Hour Offer
15 Oct 2009 YST
Physical education in schools 2005/08: working towards 2012 and beyond
01 Apr 2009 Ofsted
Higher Education and community sport: Working in partnership
17 Mar 2009 Sport England
From Primary to Secondary School: Changes in Scottish Girls’ Physical Activity and the Influence of Maturation and Perceptions of Competence
23 Jan 2009 Niven, AG et al
Physical activity among adolescents and barriers to delivering physical education in Cornwall and Lancashire, UK: A qualitative study of heads of PE and heads of schools.
01 Aug 2008 Boyle, SE. et al
New opportunities for PE and sport: Year 5 evaluation summary
30 Jun 2008 Hulme, M.
The Play Strategy
10 Jun 2008 DCFS
Black and Minority Ethnic Trainees’ Experiences of Physical Education Initial Teacher Training.
09 Jun 2008 Flintoff, A.
The YDance 'Dance-in-Schools Initiative' (DISI): Final Evaluation Report.
27 Feb 2008 Muldoon, J. Inchley, J.
The impact of School Sport Partnerships on pupil behaviour
31 Jan 2008 LSP
The win, win scenario
30 Sep 2007 Sport England
Healthy schools: Physical activity (HS) booklet A
31 Aug 2007 BHF
2006/07 School Sport Survey
14 May 2007 Quick, S.
Physical activity & sport in the lives of girls: Physical & mental health dimensions from an interdisciplinary approach
06 Mar 2007 Kane, M. Slaner-Larkin,D.
Active Travel Across the Primary-Secondary Transition Pilot Project: Final Evaluation Report.
25 Jan 2007 Inchely, J. Cuthbert, L.
Physical education and school sport: making a difference
24 Jan 2007 DfES
The educational benefits claimed for physical education and school sport: An academic review
08 Nov 2006 Bailey, R
Let the children play: Nature’s answer to early learning
08 Nov 2006 CCL
Know the score: A Collection of evidence to support the impact of the sports college network
31 Jan 2006 YST
An update on the status of physical education in schools worldwide
20 Jul 2005 Hardman, K.
New opportunities in PE and Sport programme: Achievements and challenges in the first year
31 Mar 2005 BLF
Sport and educational attainment: Case studies
25 Mar 2005 NRU
Evaluation of the Active Primary School Pilot Programme
18 Aug 2004 Lowden, K.
The Nature and Values of Physical Education
03 May 2004 McNamee, M.
The impact of school sports partnerships
25 Mar 2004 DfES
Report of the review group on physical education: Scotland
22 Mar 2004 Scottish Executive
Sport and early learning experiences
15 Mar 2004 David Kirk
A guide to recognising and achieving high quality PE and sport in schools and clubs.
10 Mar 2004 DfES
Education of young sportspersons: Final report
10 Mar 2004 PMP
Audit of sports provision in the higher education sector
08 Mar 2004 Lambley, C.
Educational outcomes and value added by specialist schools: Analysis 2002
26 Mar 2003 Jesson, D.
Working group on sport in higher education
24 Mar 2003 WGSHE
Learning through PE and sport: A guide to the physical education, school sport and club link strategy
18 Mar 2003 DfES
An Evaluation of the school sports co-ordinator programme in Scotland
17 Mar 2003 Coalter, F.
Playing for success an evaluation of the fourth year
10 Mar 2003 NFER
The role of further and higher education in delivering the government’s plan for sport
26 Mar 2002 DCMS/DfES
School sports co-ordinators: Making a difference-evaluation summary
14 Mar 2002 Sport England
Best practice in sports colleges
05 Mar 2002 Evans, D
Building for tomorrow: Our vision for PE and sport programme: England
26 Mar 2001 NOF
Specialist schools : An evaluation of progress
19 Mar 2001 Ofsted
Sportsmark a personal view
29 Mar 1999 Spencer, K.
Young people and sport in England, 1994.: The views of teachers and children
05 Jul 1995 Mason, V.
Sharing does work: The economic & social costs & benefits of joint & direct social provision
03 Sep 1981 Coopers & Lybrand
Sports Council's Documents top
Document name Created Author
Sport England Strategy 2008-2011.
05 May 2008 Sport England
Sport – a positive activity
02 Jan 2008 Barker ,Y.
Sport playing it’s part: The contribution of sport to community priorities and the improvement agenda.
22 Mar 2005 Sport England
The Carter Report
15 Mar 2005 Carter, P.
The framework for sport in england
26 Mar 2004 Sport England
Background reports for Sport21: The National strategy for sport in Scotland
20 Mar 2002 Sportscotland
Sport England Annual Reports
10 Mar 2002 Sport England
Quinquennial Review of Sport England: Stage One
07 Jul 2001 DCMS
Developing a sports club strategy for England: Consultation document
26 Mar 2001 Sport England
Funding for sport and leisure in the countryside
05 Mar 2001 Sport England
Active communities : An introduction
27 Mar 2000 Sport England
Making english sport inclusive: Equity guidelines for governing bodies
06 Mar 2000 Sport England
Best value through sport: The value of sport
16 Mar 1999 Sport England
Best value through sport: Case studies
12 Mar 1999 Sport England
Best Value through sport: Compendium
01 Mar 1999 Sport England
England the sporting nation
26 Mar 1997 ESC
The community use of sports facilities on school sites
02 Aug 1994 Sports Council (GB)/ILAM
Sport in the nineties:New horizons
01 Sep 1993 Sports Council (GB)
Women and Sport: A Consultation Document.
05 May 1992 White, A. Barker, S. Hammond, M. Reynolds, G. Rippon, A
Sport in the Community: Which ways Forward?: Consultation document
09 Apr 1987 Sports Council (GB)
The impact of Sport for All policy - 1966-1984: And a way forward
05 Jun 1985 McIntosh, P. Charlton, V.
Provision for swimming
28 Sep 1978 Sports Council (GB)
Royal charter: Scottish sports council
24 Mar 1971 HMSO
Sports Events top
Document name Created Author
Learning Disability and Sport Legacy
30 Sep 2011 Barton,S. et al
On your marks: A games legacy for Scotland
20 Aug 2009 Donnelley, RR
Guide to safety at sports grounds: Fifth edition
06 Oct 2008 DCMS
Bidding for major sporting events: Key issues and challenges faced by sports governing bodies in the UK
30 Sep 2008 Walters, G.
The olympic games: A Bibliography.
06 May 2008 Veal, AJ.
Measuring success 3: The impact of 6 major sporting events in 2005 - 2006
24 Oct 2007 UK Sport
The impact of the commonwealth games 2010 on urban development of Delhi
04 Jul 2007 Uppal, G.
Mega-Events, Olympic Games and Housing Rights Project: Background studies
14 Jun 2007 COHRE
Beijing Olypmic Games: UNEP Report
11 Jun 2007 Revellino, P.
Fair play for housing rights. Mega events, Olympic games and housing rights
11 Jun 2007 COHRE
Hosting the World Cup: A feasibility study
20 Feb 2007 HM Treasury
The economic impact of the Barcelona Olympic Games, 1986-2004
31 Mar 2005 Brunet, F
The Economic Impact of a Sporting Event: A Regional Approach
01 Jul 2003 Greig, M.
The impact of the Manchester 2002 commonwealth games
19 Mar 2002 CPC
Business and economic benefits of the Sydney 2000 Olympics: A collation of evidence
01 Aug 2001 PWC
Literature Review: The impact of major sporting events
15 Mar 2001 Brown, A. et al.
The Economic Impact of the Sydney Olympic Games
19 Jun 1997 NSW
Surveys & Academic Research top
Document name Created Author
The Game of Life
10 Oct 2012 Cox, S.
European Sports Development Network: Symposium presentations 2012
05 Sep 2012 ESDN
Identifying excellent coaching practice along the sporting pathway
24 May 2012 Allen, J.
On your marks... formulating sports policy and Britain's Olympic legacy
22 Feb 2012 Jeffreys, K.
Barriers and facilitators to pro-social behaviour among young people: a review of existing evidence
23 Jan 2012 Lee, L. et al
Taking Part: Encouraging involvement in Big Society: Cultural and Sporting Perspective
24 Nov 2011 TNS
The impact of School Sport Partnerships on primary schools: An in-depth evaluation
11 Oct 2011 Edwards, M. J..
The experiences of children participating in organised sport in the UK
30 Sep 2011 Alexander, K. Stafford, A. Lewis, R.
Lifestyle sport, public policy and youth engagement: Examining the emergence of parkour
29 Jul 2011 Gilcrest,P. Wheaton, B.
Understanding the impact of engagement in culture and sport: A systematic review of the learning impacts for young people
22 Jul 2010 EPPI
Understanding the value of engagement in culture and sport.
22 Jul 2010 Matrix KG
Understanding the drivers and engagement in culture and sport
21 Jul 2010 Matrix KG
Understanding the drivers, impact and value of engagement in culture and sport
19 Jul 2010 EPPI
ESDN symposium [2009]: Conference presentations
04 Sep 2009 NTU
Resource guide in sports development
06 Jul 2009 Deane, J.
Resource Guide to Social Exclusion and Sport
01 Jul 2009 Velija, P.
Modernisation and sport: The reform of Sport England and UK Sport.
23 Apr 2009 Houlihan, B. Green, M.
Resource guide to Sport and Sociological theory
08 Apr 2009 Veligia, P.
Community sport initiative evaluation: 3rd annual report
31 Mar 2009 HallAitkin
Active England: Final report
24 Mar 2009 HallAitkin
Systematic review of the literature on black and minority ethnic communities in sport and physical recreation
27 Feb 2009 Long, J. et al
A Review of Sexual Orientation in Sport.
11 Dec 2008 Brackenridge, et al
Physical Activity in Scottish Schoolchildren (PASS) Project: physical activity among adolescents in Scotland: final report of the PASS study
28 May 2008 Inchley, J. et al
A winning team?: The impacts of volunteers in sport.
18 Mar 2008 Gaskin, K
Sports Clubs: their economic and social impact
02 Jan 2007 Welch, M. Long, J.
Understanding the success factors in Sport Action Zones
05 Sep 2006 Ipsos Mori
Best practice review of sport and physical activity interventions for young people aged 13-18 years
27 Jun 2006 Kolt, GS. et al
Physical Activity and Basic Movement Development in Early Childhood: A Review of Literature
09 May 2006 Jess, M. et all
Social interactions and the demand for sport: An economic analysis
17 Apr 2006 Downward, P. Riorden, J.
Youth work: Voices of practice
22 Mar 2006 Spence, J. Devanney, C.
Understanding participation in sport: What determines sports participation among recently retired people?
14 Feb 2006 Arkenford
Understanding participation in sport: What determines sports participation among 15-19 year old women?
17 Jan 2006 Cox, L.
Increasing Demand for Sport and Physical Activity by Girls
05 Dec 2005 Biddle, S. et al
A review of the economic value of countryside recreation and sports.
01 Oct 2005 Rotherham, ID. Egan, D. Egan,E.
Girls' partipation in physical activities and sport: Benefits, patterns, influences and ways forward
08 Aug 2005 Bailey, R. et al
Academic Review of the Role of Voluntary Sports Clubs
07 Jun 2005 ISLP
Lifestyle sports and national sport policy: an agenda for research
22 Mar 2005 Tomlinson, A. Ravenscroft, N. Wheaton, B. Gilcrest, P.
Understanding participation in sport: A systematic review
16 Mar 2005 Sport England
Participation in sport in England (2002): Equity index
15 Mar 2005 Sport England
Lifestyle sports and national sport policy: an agenda for research
15 Mar 2005 Tomlinson, A.
Understanding participation in sport : a systematic review.
08 Mar 2005 Foster, C. et al
Participation in sport in Great Britain 1987 - 2002
02 Mar 2005 Sport England
Participation in sport in England (2002).
02 Mar 2005 Sport England
Community and sport development research project
01 Mar 2005 Pitchford, A.
Older people, sport and physical activity: A review of key issues
17 Nov 2004 Nicholson, L.
Women in sport leadership
25 Aug 2004 Laird, A
Results from the sport and leisure module of the 2002 General Household Survey
18 Aug 2004 Fox, K. Rickards, L.
The benefits of community engagement: A review of the evidence.
29 Jun 2004 Rogers, B. Robinson, E.
Driving up participation: The challenge for sport
31 Mar 2004 Rowe, N.
Driving up participation in sport: The social context
29 Mar 2004 Rowe, N.
A literature review of the evidence base for culture, The arts and sport policy
22 Mar 2004 Ruiz, J.
Young people and physical activity, attitudes to participation and exercise in sport 1987-2003
18 Mar 2004 SHEU
Talent identification and development programme: An Academic Review
08 Mar 2004 Wolstencroft, E.
Joint working in sport and neighbourhood renewal
01 Mar 2004 NRU
Research in Youth Sports: Critical Issues Status
11 Jan 2004 Hedstrom, R. Gould, D.
Children and Physical Activity: A systematic review of barriers and facilitators
18 Mar 2003 Brunton, G. et al.
Young People and Sport in England 2002
04 Mar 2003 Sport England
Sports volunteering in England 2002
04 Mar 2003 LIRC
Young People and Sport in England - Trends in participation 1994 - 2002
21 Jan 2003 Sport England
Sexual harassment and abuse in sport – The research context.
18 Jun 2002 Brakenridge, C.
United kingdom’s sporting preferences
25 Mar 2002 TNSSPORT
The value of children’s play and play provision. A systematic review of the literature
04 Mar 2002 NPI
Sports role models and their impact on participation
04 Mar 2002 Payne, W.
Young people and sport in England 2001
20 Mar 2001 Sport England
Participation in outdoor sports activity
19 Mar 2001 Anderson, A.
Sporting conduct: a survey of sports spectators’ perceptions
06 Mar 2001 Mike McNamee
The role of sport in regenerating deprived areas
21 Mar 2000 Coalter, F. et al.
Sports participation and ethnicity in England
20 Mar 2000 Rowe, N.
Sport and the Family (2000)
13 Mar 2000 MORI
Entrance charges and sports participation: A review of evidence
01 Mar 2000 Coalter, F.
Research report: Sport and social exclusion
16 Mar 1999 Collins, M. et al.
A national study of the epidemiology of exercise related illness and injury
21 Nov 1991 Nichol, J.P. et al

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