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Thursday, 30 April 2009 12:28 Staff

eduiconUnlike undergraduate coures, Masters course opportunities are difficult to find, most institutions promote to their exisiting undergraduates.

Our site users are either undergraduate sports students or are existing practitioners and are by their very nature [of searching this site] interested in the academic - in sport and are probably the most interested in further academic study in this area. Institutions have told us that this site is probably the most successful advertising medium for Masters courses in Sport that they have found, combining students looking for further study and practitioners looking for advancement...... and so.....




Just as an example.......

Clearly we do not know what the view to conversion rate is, but we can predict how many leads we can provide - in this example it is 100 clicks to the recruitment webpage.


We sell advertising in blocks of 100,000 [one hundred thousand impressions]. Max per year is about 300,000 impressions.

For Masters courses in Sports development [for instance] we can accurately predict clicks and therefore visits to the recuitment webpage at 0.35%, or 300/350 qualified visits to that webpage per 100,000 impressions. The maximum over a period of a year on this basis would be around 1000 visits to your recuitment page.


For Masters adverts we currently charge £250 per 100,000 impressions in the Library, extra for the jobs pages and please note that we do not provide course adverts in Ruff guides.

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