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Sports development in the United Kingdom

Providing academic resources for sports development, sport management, sport education and sports coaching students, researchers and practitioners. The heart of the site is the document library where you can find and members can download 100’s of documents spanning 50 years of sports development, sports studies & coaching and sports policy.


Sports DevelopmentSports development is an equivocally contested term.

It can mean the development of sport for sports sake and equally the use of sport and physical activity opportunities for the development of society - sport as a social instrument.



Our Document library contains a variety of Sports Development related publications and  our Ruff guides are designed to introduce you to a Sports development topic area with directional signs to publications that may help on your research or interest journey. Whether you are a student, a practitioner, policy maker or just interested; we may have something for you.


10yearsTen years old now, this site is designed to make it easier to find sports development related publications by bringing what WE find into one place. Putting these documents together we have been able to suggest relationships between them so that students and practitioners are able to better understand a topic area. We are grateful to the academic experts that have provided Ruff Guides that introduce topics and provide a platform for students' research.

We operate on the basis of a membership system, you can join by creating an account and once you login you have access to our resources including downloads; our jobs in sport feeds; career profiles and newsletters. Many Universities subscribe to us to provide students free access to membership and we provide individual membership packages for students, professionals and academics.



The HE Academy says: has been totally rewritten and upgraded and has become the invaluable resource for all students studying Sports Development. It is fast becoming the first place students and staff researching the subject area go for information. Excellent new ‘Ruff guides’ to the subject area have been provided. See also


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