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41 Female Fandom in an English ‘Sports City’: A sociological study of female spectating and consumption around sport Pope, S. E.
42 Junior to senior transition: understanding and facilitating the process Pummell, E.
43 Leisure, Organised Sport and Antisocial Behaviour an Examination of Youth’s Involvement in Leisure, Organised Sports and its Effect on Antisocial Behaviour Meenagh, A
44 Nothing left to chance? Development of elite sport policy in Scotland, 1999-2003 Munro, K
45 Partnership and collaboration in sport: a study in the context of the New Opportunities for PE and Sport programme in three English cities Lindsey, I. A.
46 Physical Activity, Extracurricular Sport and the '5x60' Initiative: Leisure Lifestyles and Young People in Wales, 2007-2009 Leyshon. A.S.
47 Physical development, and progression to professional soccer, of elite child and adolescent academy players Hulse, M.A
48 Positive youth development through sport: teaching life skills Jones, M.I.
49 Secondary education & juvenile delinquency Corrigan, P.D
50 Shinty, nationalism and cultural identity, 1835 - 1939: a critical analysis Reid, I. A.
51 Soccer and the American Dream Lawrence, I.
52 Social exclusion in British tennis: A history of priviledge and prejudice Lake, R. J.
53 Sponsorship in context Waite, N.
54 Sport and neighbourhood regeneration: exploring the mechanisms of social inclusion through sport. Suzuki, N.
55 Sport development in Kuwait: Perceptions of stakeholders on the significance and delivery of sport. Aldousari, B.
56 Still feeling like a spare piece of luggage: young disabled people's construction of embodied identities within physical education and sport Fitzgerald, H.F
57 The Inbetweeners: Young people making sense of youth anti-social behaviour Armitage, V. J
58 The legalisation of the professional footballer : a study of some aspects of the legal status and employment conditions of association football players in England and Wales from the late nineteenth century to the present day Redhead, S.
59 The metabolic and environmental determinants of obesity in childhood: observational and interventional studies Falconer, C
60 The professionalisation of rugby union Phillpots, K.
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