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21 Sport action zones: empowering local communities? The regional manifestation of a national initiative Wheatley. L.R.
22 Sport development policy implementation: the FA's Charter Standard scheme O'Gorman, J.
23 Team GB: united or untied? Contemporary nationalism, national identity and British Olympic football teams at London 2012 Marks, Darren
24 The developmental socialisation of young people in club sport: an ethnographic account Toms, M.
25 The effects of Olympic inclusion on sport: the case of trampolining in England Katharine Ilona Berry
26 Young people's experience of football: a grounded theory Piggott, D.
27 ‘But you didn’t think what you were doing was risky’: The Role of Risk in Mediating the Identities and Practices of Rock Climbers West, A.J
28 'Meet the new boss; same as the old boss' : a social history of the football manager, 1880 - c.1966 Carter, N.
29 A Sociological Analysis of the Scottish Highland Games Jarive, G.
30 Achievement goals and emotions in competitive sport Dewar, A. J.
31 An evaluation of the impacts of the Champion Coaching Scheme on youth sport and coaching Bell, B.
32 An evaluation of ‘Families for Health’ : a new family-based intervention for the management of childhood obesity Robertson, W.
33 An exploration of the motivationally-relevant behaviours of coaches, parents and peers across the athletic career span. Keegan, R. J.
34 An investigation into the risk and protective factors associated with youth offending Vien, A.
35 Chasing the "Big-Time" : football apprenticeship in the 1990s Parker, A.
36 Conditions for sustainable decarceration strategies for young offenders Jones, D. W.
37 Desire for inclusion in association football amongst minority ethnic communities in England Whiteside, D.
38 Diversity and divergence: perspectives on inclusion through sport for ethnic minority young people Filusanmi,J
39 Exploring the value of engagement mentoring as a preventative strategy with at-risk youth Pollitt, K.
40 Family structure and child health Panico, L.
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