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TOYA and retirement

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In recent years considerable concern has been expressed as to the reasons why young athletes withdraw from or change their involvement in sport. It is generally accepted that the pattern and quality of physical activity experienced by young people will have a significant effect upon adult sports participation. Understanding how to make the sports experience a positive one for young people has become an important issue for sports scientists, coaches, educators and parents.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  This report describes the retirement experiences of intensively trained young athletes participating in the Training of Young Athletes (TOYA) study. Three main areas of the athletes' career are covered in this report: the history of sports participation; the decision to retire; and the level, if any, of continued involvement in sport following retirement from intensive training and competition.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (2012). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from In the text: Cryer (2012)


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Reference :   Rowley, S. (1993). The training of young athletes (TOYA) study: TOYA and retirement. London: Sports Council (GB)


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Download this file (toya_retire.pdf)toya_retire.pdfRowley, S. (1993). The training of young athletes (TOYA) study: TOYA and retirement. London: Sports Council (GB)
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