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Driving up participation: Sport and Volunteering

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This paper uses as its source of reference recent work completed for Sport England on Sports Volunteering in England, 2002 by a team led by the author. This work comprised substantial primary research of the voluntary sector in sport,ie,

  • Questions on volunteering in sport in a national Omnibus survey, conducted by BMRB International. There were 8,458 respondents.
    1,005 telephone interviews with representatives of national governing bodies, regional/county associations, and clubs in 88 sports recognised by Sport England, plus schools, universities and colleges, major events, youth organisations, disability organisations, and local authorities.
  • Questionnaire surveys of 308 sports volunteers and 94 young people in 48 sports clubs, in 12 sports (athletics, badminton, bowls, cricket, football, gymnastics, hockey, netball, rugby union, sailing, swimming and tennis).
  • 72 focus groups in sports clubs in the same 12 sports, with volunteers (51 groups) and young people (21 groups).

The main purposes of this research were not to identify the role of the voluntary sector in sport in driving up participation in sport. They were to quantify the contribution made to English sport by volunteers; and identify the nature of volunteering, challenges and support for volunteers and volunteer managers, and the benefits of sports volunteering. Nevertheless, the research does reveal evidence of considerable relevance to the purpose of this paper.



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Editor's comments - [   This is an academic review paper commissioned by Sport England as contextual analysis to inform the preparation of the Framework for sport in England and part of a series of desk studies called Driving up Participation: The Challenge for Sport.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : Taylor, P. (2004). Driving up participation: Sport and Volunteering. Sheffield: Management school. University of Sheffield.

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