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More than winning: The real value of sport and recreation in Western Australia

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Sport and recreation is part of the fabric of Australian life. Take a look around our wonderful beaches and waterways, our parks, reserves and sportsgrounds, and it is
obvious sport is a passion. From cycling or walking our high-quality recreational trails, playing kick-to-kick in the schoolyard, to the Test arena of the WACA, sport binds and builds communities, empowers, inspires and motivates individuals, provides work-life balance and helps shape our national character.

While we recognise the contribution sport makes to the building of national pride, and the value of recreation in community health, we may have overlooked the additional
benefits these activities bring to society.; Sport plays an important role in society and contributes to our lives in many ways we often don’t realise. This document outlines the not-so-obvious benefits that sport and recreation provides.; Sport and recreation helps to build communities through social inclusion and a sense of connection. Sport and recreation helps to bind families through shared experiences and shared achievements. Through participation, sport helps address anti-social behaviour and can support education.; Sport contributes to economic growth through business investment and employment, and helps sustain the environment through protecting open space and natural areas. It also
promotes the use of active modes of transport, such as cycling and walking.

Sport instils a sense of national pride. When Australian competitors triumph on the world stage, the general community, governments and business leaders bask in the reflected glory. We celebrate sporting achievements such as winning the 1983 America’s Cup yacht race, Steve Hooker’s pole vault gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, the Socceroos’ performances in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Australia’s 2007 World Cup-winning one-day cricket team. Such celebrations unite the nation; drawing together people of different race, religion and culture; developing a heightened sense of community and national identity.

According to Kelley and Evans (1998) sport has been identified as being the most important element contributing to our feelings about our nation. [Australia]



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