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Resource guide to Sport and Sociological theory

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Many researchers working within the sociology of sport draw on sociological theory as a framework for understanding the complex nature of sport. Sociologists of sport use social theory to be critical of common sense perceptions of sport as a pastime or a ‘fun activity’. On the contrary, sport is a vital part of many people’s lives, for some it is a career, for others it is something they invest time and money on. It is clear that as Dunning (1999) aptly suggests, ‘Sport Matters’.

Those working within the sociology of sport have predominantly drawn on mainstream sociological theories to explain and explore the nature of sport. Within the sociology of sport, there are many competing sociological theories which have been useful for critically analysing sport. These competing theories have been drawn upon to explore a range of issues in sport, for instance, violence within sport, the relationship between sport and gender, commercialisation within sport, social exclusion, sport and race. In what follows, books and journal articles are listed which identify key sociological theories that have been used to inform and develop a sociological understanding of sport.



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Editor's comments - [  Dr Philippa Velija is a lecturer in the Sociology of Sport at York St John University. Much of her teaching focuses on the sociology of sport strand within the sport studies degree, she says; Students always find social theory difficult. This is normally because as sport students few would have taken sociology and find the subject and the theory difficult to master. In particular I teach social theory in level 2 as I feel that it is too advanced for level 1 students. It is important to draw on examples from popular culture, films, adverts, and recent sporting events to make the theories more applicable to their lives.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : Velija, P. (2009). Resource guide to Sport and Sociological theory. York: Higher Education Academy


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