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Understanding participation in sport : a systematic review.

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 In 2002 the Government’s strategy for achieving its sport and physical activity objectives (Game Plan) set out a clear aim to increase levels of participation in sport. Sport England has since set a challenging target in the Framework for Sport of increasing participation in sport by 1% a year. This aim will not be achieved unless we have a more sophisticated understanding of the motivations and barriers to taking part in sport and the likely interventions that will achieve behaviour change.

This study carried out by the University of Oxford British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group on behalf of Sport England is a systematic review of the evidence about children’s and adult’s reasons for participation and non-participation in sport. It does not include any new primary research but does provide important new perspectives and insights of relevance to policy and practice. The work has enabled the development of an evidenceinformed
model for behaviour change in sport and this represents an important step forward towards understanding participation and providing a holistic model, which we can test.

The Oxford Review demonstrated that there is insufficient high quality research evidence about the reasons why adults and young people do and do not participate. The research available to date has been fragmented, often taking the form of relatively simplistic attitude scales built into large scale survey questionnaires or at the other end of the spectrum academically driven without strong connections to policy and practice.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  This review by Oxford forms the foundation of continuing work to better understand the reasons why people do and do not participate and points the way towards a better theoretical understanding of behaviour change in terms of sport and exercise. As a result of this review Sport England commissioned a programme of primary research focusing on those groups in the population where drop out is at its highest and participation rates are low.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : Foster, C. Hillsdon, M. Cavill, N. Allender, S. Cowburn, G. (2005). Understanding participation in sport : a systematic review. London: Sport England


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Download this file (Understanding_participation_in_sport_2005.pdf)Understanding_participation_in_sport_2005.pdfFoster, C. Hillsdon, M. Cavill, N. Allender, S. Cowburn, G. (2005). Understanding participation in sport : a systematic review. London: Sport England
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