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Tackling health inequalities - A compendium

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How great to have this compendium bringing together so much excellent experience. A brilliant short cut for policy makers and practitioners’
Anne Weyman, Chief Executive, Family Planning Association

‘A wealth of innovative ideas and a real sense of moving towards 21st century health through community involvement and desire to change existing working practices – we are all responsible – health cannot be delegated’
Stephen Jacobs OBE, Chief Executive, SDP Regeneration Services Ltd

‘I support this kind of thing in principle; it should help populate’
Sue Hay, Skills and Knowledge Team Leader, Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, Government Office for East of England

‘It is timely for the development of the East of England Social Strategy’
Val Moore, Regional Associate Director, Health Development Agency, East of England

‘All primary care trusts need help with tackling health inequalities; this book will play a very useful role in encouraging good practice’
Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Director, EQUAL (Equity in Health Research and Development Unit), Department of Public Health, University of Liverpool



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Editor's comments - [  A well-researched, comprehensive asset to GPs in their endeavour to tackle health inequalities ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : HDA. (2003) Tackling health inequalities - A compendium. London: Department of Health.

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Download this file (Tacklinghealthcompendium.pdf)Tacklinghealthcompendium.pdfHDA. (2003) Tackling health inequalities - A compendium. London: Department of Health.
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