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Designing sport & physical activity projects: Case studies

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Increasing participation in sport and physical activity in renewal areas can contribute to floor targets in renewal areas and help to close the gap between the worst areas and the rest in relation to crime, education, health, housing and the environment, and jobs. But evidence suggests that, because participation in sports and physical activity in renewal areas is lower than the national average, the contribution of sport to these floor targets is not as great as it could be.
There are many reasons for this lower participation. Neighbourhood renewal areas have been poorly served by traditional indoor sports centres and swimming pools. There are relatively few small-scale sports facilities – outdoor pitches, play and kickabout areas – and they are often in poor repair. There are fewer sports clubs and fewer volunteers. While there are a good number of sports projects, these are often one-off and short-term. Access, cost and individual attitudes to sport and physical activity also contribute to lower participation.
Planning and implementing sport and physical activity projects with the aim of increasing participation in neighbourhood renewal areas involves: undertaking an assessment of sporting and physical activities; developing long-lasting partnerships; developing a local infrastructure of volunteers, clubs and networks; accessing increased and longer-term funding; and demonstrating the success of sports projects through good organisation, planning, marketing, monitoring and review.”


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