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Sport and educational attainment: Case studies

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Standards of educational attainment among young people and adults living in disadvantaged areas are often below national averages. People with low skill levels are far more likely to be unemployed, and unemployment is a major factor in deprivation. Physical education (P.E), sport and physical activity can contribute towards raising educational standards and aspirations within both a school and community setting.

Research has identified that within a school environment regular participation in appropriately designed P.E, sport and physical activities, as part of wider educational programmes, can increase the likelihood of learning and skill development by young people and help to build their physical literacy. In a community setting sport can be used to attract individuals who are reluctant to engage in education or training through traditional routes and to motivate people to learn new skills. To address this a wide range of action can be taken. Many schools are now part of ‘School Sports Partnerships’, families of schools that plan and work together to improve the quality and range of PE and sporting opportunities for young people. Action within these partnerships includes widening the range of sports and activities available to young people; opening up school facilities to the community; linking with local partners and training local sports leaders and coaches.



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