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Sport and employment: Case studies

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Levels of worklessness in neighbourhood renewal areas are higher than the average and reducing worklessness by getting people into paid employment is a high priority. Sport and physical activity can contribute to this aim. Sport can be the route through which a work habit and motivation to succeed are developed. At a local level, sport can directly provide employment and business opportunities. Sport can also act as a means to obtaining employment in other sectors through developing confidence and self esteem, transferable skills and basic qualifications. However, people in disadvantaged areas are less likely to be actively involved in sports activities or related training. Access to sports qualifications may be restricted and where employment in sport exists in renewal areas, this is often in unskilled and lower paid positions. The full contribution that sport can make to addressing worklessness and its associated problems in renewal areas is often not being fully realised.
To address this those involved in sport and employment in renewal areas should:

• Develop a sport and employment plan
• Support the creation of new employment opportunities in the sports sector
• Adopt a policy of local recruitment and provide local opportunities for skill development, training and qualifications for the sports sector
• Provide local opportunities to increase employability and transferable skills through sport
• Demonstrate the impact of sport and employment projects SkillsActive, the sector skills council for sport, has set up a specialist panel to consider how such training needs can be addressed.



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