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London olympics act 2005: Bill 45.

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Published by the authority of the House of Commons in 2005 this Bill makes provision for the organisation and running of the thirtieth Olympiad in 2012 in London and covers (inter-alia) the following;

1 Interpretation of principal terms
2 Alteration of Olympic documents

The Olympic Delivery Authority

Including Establishment, general functions planning, street lighting and cleaning, dissolution
Transport, Olympic Transport Plan, Olympic Route Network, Co-operation, Functions affecting London Olympics, Traffic regulation orders, Traffic regulation orders: enforcement, Road closures, Office of Rail Regulation,  Interpretation.


Advertising regulations, Regulations: supplemental Offence, Enforcement: power of entry

Role of Olympic Delivery Authority

Local planning authorities
Trading, Street trading, &c. Section 23: supplemental
Role of Olympic Delivery Authority, Other authorities,  Sale of tickets


Olympic Symbol etc. (Protection) Act 1995, London Olympics association right, Greater London Authority: powers, Section 32: supplemental, Regional development agencies



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Reference : HMSO. (2005). London olympics act 2005: Bill 45. London: The Stationary Office Ltd.

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Download this file (olympics_bill.pdf)olympics_bill.pdfHMSO. (2005). London olympics act 2005: Bill 45. London: The Stationary Office Ltd.
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