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Audit of sports provision in the higher education sector

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It has been recognised for some time that there is a dearth of systematic information on the current and potential contribution that Higher Education can make to sport. Sport England’s Higher and Further Education Advisory Group has identified the need for a wide-ranging review of the provision for sport in Higher Education (HE) establishments in England and commissioned TNS to undertake this work.

The first stage of this review was a simple and factual assessment of the types of facilities and services offered, current usage by students, staff and others, and expansion plans in order to assess the potential impact on the wider sporting provision of each institution.
However, the review did not seek to assess the sports-related, academic courses provided by HE institutions, as this would have become a massive exercise in its own right and would cut across the work of other organisations.

The second stage of this research project (to be reported separately) was case studies of 8 institutions identified through the audit as being examples of innovation in the sector.



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Editor's comments - [  The review seeks to improve the evidence base informing policy and development priorities in this important area of provision and to provide examples of good and innovative practice that can be shared throughout the sector (and beyond).  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : Lambley, C. (2004). Audit of sports provision in the higher education sector. London: Sport England.

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Download this file (audit-of-sports-provision-higher-education-sector_full-report.pdf)audit-of-sports-provision-higher-education-sector_full-report.pdfLambley, C. (2004). Audit of sports provision in the higher education sector. London: Sport England
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