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Sport and the countryside: Driving up participation

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The Government report Game Plan (2002) makes virtually no reference to the natural environment or the countryside as a venue for sport (Cabinet Office Strategy Unit, 2002). As a result there is little discussion of a whole range of actions being undertaken by the Government (through DEFRA), by Statutory Bodies such as the Countryside Agency, English Nature and by the non-profit sector, all of which have a relevance to driving up participation in sport and recreation. This omission is important when it is realised that around 25 per cent of all activity traditionally associated with the remit of Sport England takes place in the countryside.

Also Game Plan makes no reference to the land use planning system, which protects and promotes new facilities and space for sport and physical activity, and the large volume of new advice issued by the Government on planning for sport in 2002 (ODPM, 2002a; ODPM, 2002b). In particular, the positive role of land use planning in securing potentially large sums of money for sports provision from developers’ contributions in rural (as well as urban) areas is not included (Sport England, 2001).

This paper therefore comprises an excursion into territory which has been a low priority for Sport England in recent years, but where others have been active. The bodies and groups covered in this paper look, however, to Sport England for a lead in issues of sport and physical activity in the countryside.



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