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Healthy child development through Sport and Recreation

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The concept of “healthy child development” is based on research which indicates that children move through relatively predictable stages as they grow, and that various activities, such as sport participation, can support and enhance their development.

Sport can be one of the most enjoyable childhood experiences. While conclusive statistics are not available, estimates are that millions of children in Canada and across North America participate in sport programs each year (Hall, Slack, Smith, & Whitson, 1991; Smith and Smoll, 1997; Statistics Canada, 1998). One explanation for these high participation rates, particularly in Canada, is that most parents strongly agree with the notion that sport contributes to the growth and development of children (Craig, 1998).

A positive sport environment provides children with unique experiences and the potential benefits of sport have been well documented. For example, sport can stimulate physical growth, raise self-esteem, contribute to social development and enhance overall health and well-being. To maximise the positive impact of sport on children, sport should be delivered in a manner that is consistent with principles of healthy child development.



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Editor's comments - [  This document was prepared for; “Sport for the Child: Sport, Recreation and Children’s Healthy Development” A forum co-hosted by Voices for Children and The Foundation for Active Healthy Kids. This paper discusses two main questions:

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Reference : Cowie-Bonne J,. (2000). Healthy child development through Sport and Recreation: A Discussion Paper. Ontario: OPHEA.

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