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United kingdom’s sporting preferences

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UK Sport works alongside the governing bodies of sport to identify the best sportsmen and women and support them to produce future champions. Funding to support this goal comes from both the Lottery and the Exchequer. The Sporting Preferences survey allows UK Sport to ensure that the public’s views are understood and can, in turn, be represented in their decision making.

This is the third time that the survey has been conducted and where appropriate, comparisons with previous data sets have been made. The first survey was conducted in February 2000 (7 to 8 months before the Sydney Olympics and Paralympics). The second survey was conducted in December 2000 (around one month after the Sydney Paralympics had finished). The current research was conducted in August 2002 immediately after the Commonwealth Games had finished in Manchester



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Editor's comments - [  UK Sport commissioned Taylor Nelson Sofres Sport (TNSSPORT) to conduct a piece of consumer research to report on the UK public’s preferences regarding sporting success.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : TNSSPORT. (2002). United kingdom’s sporting preferences. London: UK Sport

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Download this file (sportingpreferences2002uk.pdf)sportingpreferences2002uk.pdfTNSSPORT. (2002). United kingdom’s sporting preferences. London: UK Sport
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