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Sport 21: 2003-2007. The National Strategy for Sport

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Sport 21 has been endorsed by the Scottish Executive and the Scottish Parliament. It has been adopted in various policy statements made by the Scottish Executive and has influenced recent spending decisions in the Scottish Budget. Sport 21 is regularly referred to in the Scottish Parliament during debates. It also shapes the thinking of development plans for sport in local authorities and national governing bodies of sport.

Its three visions - see below - were adopted in the reform of sportscotland’s structure. However, its targets were designed for delivery by March 2003 and therefore the strategy needed to be updated to build on the achievements witnessed since 1998. The update aligns Sport 21 with the Scottish Parliament electoral cycle, to help ensure that sport continues to contribute to Scotland’s wider policy agenda.





 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  This document updates the strategy for the development of sport in Scotland prepared by the Scottish Sports Council (now sportscotland) in 1998 called Sport21: Nothing left to chance.

Sport21: 2003 - 2007 sets out the developed strategy for sport in Scotland until 2007 and beyond.  ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

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Reference : Sportscotland. (2003). Sport 21: 2003-2007. The National Strategy for Sport. Edinburgh: Sportscotland.

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Download this file (sport21strategy2003.pdf)sport21strategy2003.pdfSportscotland. (2003). Sport 21: 2003-2007. The National Strategy for Sport. Edinburgh: Sportscotland.
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