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Sport 21 Review

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Sport 21 Review - The strategy has evolved at a time when the policy agenda for Scotland has grown at a dramatic pace. Social inclusion, improved public health and increased educational attainment are the cornerstones of Scotland’s new social policy agenda. This first review of Sport 21’s progress highlights the value and contribution of sport to the new social policy agenda.

The review also delivers an early warning of what could be lost to the nation if the investment in sport is not maintained at the levels set out in Sport 21.

Whilst progress has been certain in these first two years, there is now a growing concern about our ability to maintain this good progress over the next three years as we come to terms with a further year of reduced spending on sport by Scotland’s local authorities.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  This document is the report of a variety of subject review groups tasked to report on progress made toward the Scottish Sports Council’s strategy for sport (1998) Sport21: Nothing left to chance.

Review sections include;

In the text: Cryer (year)


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Reference : Sportscotland. (2000). Sport 21 Review. Edinburgh: Sportscotland.

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Download this file (sport21review2000.pdf)sport21review2000.pdfSportscotland. (2000). Sport 21 Review. Edinburgh: Sportscotland.
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