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The Montreal toolkit

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The tools and resources included in this document support evidence that sport and physical activity have the capacity to enhance health and well being; build leadership; social and democratic skills; stimulate economic regeneration; help alleviate the negative effects of poverty; improve learning; enhance productivity; and provide people with an enhanced quality of life, ensuring sport and physical activity is accessible and affordable to all people should be a priority for all decision-makers.

However, for girls and women special efforts are needed if the gender gap is ever to be eliminated.



 editors comments   

Editor's comments - [  The ideas and words included in the Montreal Tool Kit result from thousands of women and men around the world undertaking successful strategies for increasing the opportunities for girls and women to participate and lead in sport and physical activity. See the Brighton declaration ]  Reference this?Cryer, J. (Year). This page title in italics. Retrieved date, from <this page's full URL>

In the text: Cryer (year)


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Reference : International working group on women and sport. (2002). The Montreal toolkit. Montreal: IWG.

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Download this file (montrealtoolkit.pdf)montrealtoolkit.pdfInternational working group on women and sport. (2002). The Montreal toolkit. Montreal: IWG.
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