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From Brighton to Windhoek: Facing the challenge

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This Report provides a record of positive action by international and national organisations around the world in support of the International Women and Sport Movement during the period May 1994 to May 1998. It highlights the progress that has been made to develop a sporting culture that enables and values the full involvement of women in every aspect of sport across a very diverse range of organisations and countries.

Between 1994 and 1998 over 200 organisations throughout the world, from international governments to national non-governmental women’s groups and sporting federations from Albania to Zimbabwe, have faced the Challenge of Change and adopted the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport, a positive statement of principles on women and sport.



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Reference : White A. (1998). From Brighton to Windhoek: Facing the challenge. London: IWG.

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Download this file (brightontowindhoek.pdf)brightontowindhoek.pdfWhite A. (1998). From Brighton to Windhoek: Facing the challenge. London: IWG.
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